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  Military Page 164
FS2004 Dassault Mirage 50EV Venezuelan - Expansion Pack. This is an Expansion Pack for use ONLY with Eduardo Fadul's Mirage 5 aircraft (mir5ef.zip). This pack contain 3 new models for the Venezuelan Air Force's Mirage 50EV (a mirage 5 with canards + refueling Probe). Textures for the Venezuelan Air Force Models and textures: Eduardo Fadul. 7.6MB
FS2004 UKMIL Hawk T1a Package. Welcome to the BAE HAWK T1a package for FS2004. this is a full new gmax model. By UKMil. See docs for full credits. 38.2MB
FS2004 UKMIL Hawk Mk51 and Mk66 Package. Welcome to the BAE HAWK Mk66 and MK51 models package for FS2004. this is a full new gmax model. By UKMil. See docs for full credits. 36.1MB
FS2004 RAF Harrier GR7 ZD508 41 Sqn Textures only. These textures depict the RAF Harrier Gr7 painted in the RAF's 41 SQN. Requires UKMIL/alphasim freeware Harrier here. By UKMil. 2.6MB
FS2004 UKMIL Hawk T1 'The Red Arrows' Package. Welcome to the BAE Hawk T1a red arrows package for FS2004. this is a full new gmax model. UKMil. Filename: ukmilhawkt1rafs9.zip 8.9MB
FS2004 F/A-18E Super Hornet Canadian Air Force Textures only. These two textures were created for the virtual Canadian Air Force VA at FS Top Gun. They depict a modified anniversary scheme and a standard scheme for the 416th Squadron. Requires the KBT F/A-18E Super Hornet pack here. Base textures by KBT, VCAF repaints by Ron Rhea. 10.2MB
FS2004 TB30 Epsilon ESQ.101 Roncos Portuguese Air Force Textures only. EADS SOCATA TB 30 Epsilon, ESQ.101 RONCOS, BA11 Beja,Portuguese Air Force. Requires EADS SOCATA TB 30 Epsilon by Kylian Bernard (here) As far as I know all the Portuguese Epsilons will be painted whit this colour, being the 11416 one of the aircraft already painted in grey. Repaint by José Leandro. 2.6MB
FS2004 CC-177 Globemaster III VCAF Textures only. One repaint of the Mike Stone C-17 Globemaster III created for the Virtual Canadian Air Force (VCAF) at FSTopGun. Textures only, requires the Mike Stone C-17 base pack available here. Original aircraft and textures by Mike Stone; VCAF repaint by Ron Rhea. 193K
FS20042002 Bell-Boeing V22 Osprey Army Camo. Completely moving part (switching door, cargo door, moving engine) GMAX-model, Original airdynamic (closely read file V22_check), panel, sound, all light. Author - Vlad Zhyhulskiy. 1MB
FS2004 F-16 Viper 301 NTM 2007 textures only. Repaint for original F-16 by Kirk Olson(here) . This Aircraft is the Portuguese Air Force F16 MLU 15133 from the 301 ESQ. based at B.A.5 Montereal,painted for the NATO Arctic Tiger Meet 2007 in Norway. Original textures by Kirk Olson, DECAL textures by João Corredeira, repaint by José Leandro. 3.4MB