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FS2004 B-47E Stratojet. The B-47 was the first all-jet production bomber in the U.S. Air Force and was the backbone of SAC's bomber fleet in the 1950s. Fully animated model with full working virtual cockpit. Model, panel and textures by Bill Holker, Modified air file by Bill Holker, original airfile by Ray Lopez. Parachutes by Luka. Name Bill Holker. 4.9MB
FS2004 Lockheed Martin F-16B Fighting Falcon FAP. This model represents, the F-16A with the s/n 15120 of the 201th Sq - "Falcons", of the Portuguese Air Force, stationed at Monte Real Air Base.The package includes Eric Marciano's F-16 panel Original model by Kirk Olsson Repaint by Joćo Corredeir. 7.3MB
FS2004 Gmax F-16 Viper for the Greek Airforce. This is a CFT version of my Gmax F-16 Viper for the Greek Airforce. It has full animation, dynamic shine, realistic VR cockpit and 2 loadouts (Center fuek tank and Laser Bombs). Default sounds are used to decrease download size. As with my single seat Viper Eric Marciano's F-16 panel is required. It can be found here. Author: Kirk Olsson. 7.6MB Filename: Viper2haf.zip
FS2004/2002 Lockheed Martin F-16B ROC (Taiwan) AF 401st TFW Textures only. This is a repaint of the F-16B Viper (required here) in the livery of the Commanding Officer's personal aircraft, 401st Tactical Fighter Wing, ROC (Taiwan) Air Force, based at Hualien AFB (RCYU). This aircraft features traditional symbols of the Ah-Mei aborigine tribe. Textures only. Original aircraft package (Viper2us.zip) by Kirk Olsson required. Repaint by Mike Huang. 3.3MB
FS2004 Update for Kirk Olsson's F-16 Thunderbird 1 (here). Description: This is an update for Kirk Olsson's F-16 Thunderbird 1 aircraft. I have modified the air and aircraft.cfg files changing the flight dynamics. I have changed, deleted, or moved some of the lights on the aircraft, as well as changing the afterburner effects, smoke effects, and wing tip contrails. Bob Chicilo. 187K
FS2004 RAF 8 SQN ZH104 Photoreal E-3 AWACS Textures only. Requires original E-3 by Rok Dolenec here. Repaint by UKMIL. 543K


FS2004 Team FS KBT Lockheed and Kawasaki P-3C (CP-140) Package. Model making and the photo editing of VC etc. By Daisuke Yamamoto. FDE creating and the painting of model. By Hiroaki Kubota. Lockheed P-3 Sound Pack intended for P3's created by Adrian Brausch. Original exterior wavs by Mike Hambly. 2D Panel creating. By Toshikazu Harada. 71MB Filename: p-3c_2.zip

FS2004 Team FS KBT Lockheed and Kawasaki P-3C (CP-140) Upgrade: : Main improvement point in this upgrading : ---Bomb bay and a system of a door. ---The afterimage-rotation in a default propeller pitch is stopped. Please perform pitch operation arbitrarily to give rotation. (For example, using cirl+F2, cirl+F3, etc. ...) ---The tone of a model (JMSDF airplane) was corrected. Moreover, the painting mistake in the first version is also corrected... & more! 18.7MB Requirs p-3c_2.zip (above)

FS2004 U.S. Navy C-2A Greyhound VRC-30 Panel has only been tested in FS2004. This package includes the complete aircraft. Repaint is from scratch. They are now 24-bit DXT3. Several texture files have been increased to a larger dimension to allow greater detail from the original. VC removed. Model & Soundset for FS2002 & FS2004, Panel for FS2004 by Rick Sasala, - Repaint & Panel by Paul Holstein. 13.7MB

FS2004 B-58 Hustler Update. For the by JRLucariny here. Description: This is an update for the B-58 Hustler by JRLucariny. I have updated the air and aircraft.cfg files giving it new flight dynamics. I added afterburners, smoke effects, and reworked the panel. Bob Chicilo. 919K

Update 2: Description: This is an update to my update for the B-58 Hustler by JRLucariny. I have been shown that the radios do not work correctly, and traced the problem to there not being a [Radio] section in the aircraft.cfg file. So here is the corrected file. Now the standby frequency is the one that changes, not the active frequency. 5K