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  Misc Page 16
FS2004 Battle Ship Hamagiri. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.1MB
FS2002&2004 Fishing Boat le Marignan. Made by Mitsuya Hamaguchi. 1.1MB


FS2004 American Muscle Package: the 1978 Chevy Corvette. Included texture sets are the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, Silver Edition, SimViation Edition, #42 Race car, Red, Blue, and Vanilla-Brown. This addon is in response to all the new sceneries that now incorporate high-detail objects that can best be viewed on the ground. I know several sceneries that can fit well with this car. Guam, Acapulca International, Free Flow Ultimate Florida, Princes Int'l, etc. Since this car is made for drag racing, try competing against your friends online. Note: Don't compete against a jet with this car, or you'll lose. Use the included Timer to see how well you do in circuit races as well. And finally, source textures [bmp format] are included for all you repainters out there. Full-Model Dynamic Virtual Cockpit, Full animation, Alpha Channels. "My-First" Dynamics, Panel, Textures, Visual model, and animations made by Jessy Corrales. Car gauges borrowed from the Ferrari [they look better on a Chevy]. SuperTimer gauge included and made by Glenn Copeland. Sound files made by Richie. ***Read the Credit file for information regarding the authors and new distribution limits imposed on this package*** Other than that, have fun and um... oh yes, don't scratch the finish. ;) By Jessy Corrales (Katahu). 12.3MB
FS2004 VTOLJR - Single Engine Powered-Lift Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Border Police Patrol. . The Springtail EFV-4B is a fourth generation single engine powered-lift (VTOL) personal air vehicle (PAV), which uses the core technology developed on earlier models. This model is the first "non-pure research" vehicle in this configuration. EFV-4B has significant enhancements over the "A" model, including redesigned fans and variable pitch blades. This aircraft will be employed for flight envelope expansion and capabilities testing. J R Lucariny. 671K
FS2004 Frigate - Early XIX° century. US, French, British or NL models included. Fit for AI. Guns firing 7 minutes and 22 seconds after sailing. Tuto to remote firing delay included By Rotule. 4.7MB
FS2004 Early XIX° century Frigate. Lots of moving parts ( winch, dinghy, anchor, gun scuttles, flag...) Either available with US, French, british or NL flag. Just press "shift+E" to hoist trhe right flag. sound included. By Rotule. 12.8MB
FS2004 AI-Le Renard French corsair cutter ship ("the fox") for AI sceneries - - 1813 A replica has been recently rebuilt in Saint Malo (Brittany, France) You may use her with wind coming from left (port/babord) or from right (starboard/tribord) side. For your own vintage AI sceneries along with "Frigate" and Mike Hill's HMS Bark Endeavour you will find in "FS2004 AI Ships", FS2004 Sceneries, page 13 By Rotule. 1.7MB
FS 2004 CarrierOps Full Pack Test your pilot skills shooting traps using top aircraft of today on the HMSNZ Waikato carrier by S. Reweti. Compiled with carrier ops ready: F14B Tomcat by Dino Cattaneo, F16C Viper/F16C Tiger Viper by Kirk Olsson, F18E Super Hornet / F-18G Growler by Daisuke Yamamoto & TEAM FS KBT. Two extra paint schemas for F-18E by Ty Hill / Lione Mouler. F16 panel and gauges by Eric Marciano: F16 HUD & radar & key code for registering gauge in FSUIPC dll, rev 3.51. Authorizd by Pete Dowson. RCBco carrier ops gagues: meatball, sound, arrestor, catapult & sonic boom / vapor files by Nick Needham, Doug S. Dawson, and Rob Barendregt. FSUIPC dll by Pete Dowson. This is ready to extract into temp folder, c/p into Ffs9 folders with same name. Modifications of all panels and aircraft config files along with additonal files & install method by Steve Hinson. 27.1MB
FS2004 AI Rowing boats - fit for your vintage maritime sceneries The rowing sailors does move. By Rotule. 693K