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FS2004 Boeing 777 Panel, from the original bitmap's of Chris Jeanne, configuration by Francisco Silva, 574K
FS2004 ERJ-170 Panel. This panel was made as all-in-one-window major rework of Ken Mitchell's Erj 170 panel for FS2004. That required the design of entirely new main bitmap and redistribution of gauges. On the other hand, some 80% of gauges applied here, as well as the side views (except the rear view), were adopted with permission from Ken's release. You will also need a Concorde.gau in your main FS9 Gauges folder. Unless you already have it, you must download it yourself. Panel was designed and tested for use with the Dreamwings FS04 Embraer 170 V3, but I guess that it should work with other twin jets as well. By Ivan Kostic. 3.5MB
FS 200x panel for Incom Corp. T-65 X-Wing Panel. All needed guages included, works with most 4 engine planes. This is my first panel so the guage layout isn't the greatest, but the essentials are there. I can't get working GPS or Radio buttons for it, so if anyone wants to fix this, please do so. Bitmap from X-Wing Alliance screenshot. By Robert Kaster. 3.1MB
FS2004 DC3 Photo-real Modern, Re-built Panel Shareware This panel is made from a photograph of a modern day DC3. It features a unique 1950's-1960's style radio array mounted on top of the panel. The default King Air Radio gauge has been modified to work with it. The full version includes all working gauges, including VOR, ILS, the compact King Air autopilot, a repostioned GPS, and the default DC3 pop up windows for electrical, engine, and other controls. This shareware version, for evaluation purposes, is limited in gauge functions, color blending, and visibilty. It also includes the Right and Forward-Right cockpit views for evaluation of the full set of 7 inside views. The full set includes cargo and passenger options, from two different DC3 aircraft in use today (see screen shots). Also included as freeware, is the modified DC3 MDL file by Clive Ryan (dc3_mdl.zip), with permission. This will switch off the default virtual cockpit, so it does not conflict with the internal views. Or, if you know how to hex-edit, you can modify your own default MDL file, by following Clive's tutorial, which is included (only recommended for advanced users). You can also install only the panel, without using the modified mdl file. Includes choice of 1024x768 or 800x600 image resolution sets. By Will Fisher. 3.4MB
FS2004 Photorealistic MD-90-panel with wingviews for SGA-aircraft. Original forward bitmap by Paul Golding, additional views by Horst Paetzold. 6.5MB

FS2004/FS2002 Cessna 172 Panel. Created by Kenny Fox. 640K

Cessna 172Skyhawk panel update. 549K

FS2004 - FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel An add-on sub-panel designed to add cabin and crew voice announcements, ambient environment effects, and cabin “muzak” to your flight simming experience. by Marcus Thompson. 21.1MB Filename: FDSFXPNL.ZIP

FDSFX Panelbitmap for FS2004 in grey 737NG colours. Original By Marcus Thompson, repainted by Roeland Ludoph M.Thomsons file FDSFXPNL.ZIP needed.

FS2004 Panel-FlightDeck SFX Panel Plates 14 new panels in a variety of colors & shades to better match the type aircraft you are flying - be it Airbus, Boeing, or the default commercial aircraft. Must have my original FDSFXPNL.zip package already installed to use these new panels. by Marcus Thompson 2MB

FS2004 Airbus A380 Panel.. An updated version of my previously released Airbus A 380 panel for FS9. Celebrating Airbus' recent rollout of the gargantuan A-380 passenger-liner, this simple, and intuitively easy to use panel uses many default gauges in conjunction with more advanced gauges available as freeware. Redistributed here with permission of the original authors - with special thanks to Mike Stone for use of his A380 EICAS gauge. Tasteful night-lighting and good frame-rates make this panel a joy to fly under all flight conditions, especially on-line. Consult the README file and enjoy! By Alex Christoff. 2.8MB

FS2004 Lockheed L-188 Electra Panel - This panel is intended for the original L-188 model by Mike Stone. The panel uses bitmaps created from an original photograph by Martin Lehner as well as original bitmaps by Dave Booker, modified for use here. This package includes all necessary bit maps and gauges with the exception of the FS9 standard GPS and Bendix_King_Radio gauges. Most gauges are custom XML gauges created or adapted by Paul Strogen. Documentation is included. 10.7MB

Update. This is an update to my L-188 panel released on January 20, 2005, file name: L188_Panel.zip This update will correct a disparity in the operation of the RPM and Starter gauges with respect to engine 1 vs engines 2-4. This update also repositions the VSI and VOR gauges to place them in the correct positions as found in the actual aircraft. Update by Paul Strogen. 3.7MB

FS2004 Photoreal alternative Mainpanel for RealAir Cessna 172 SP Skyhawk with virtual cockpit made by Horst Paetzold. 1.3MB