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FS2004 Airbus A320 / A330 Panel - Based on Ken Mitchell's excellent Airbus panel. I just changed the layout of the gauges in the main panel to match real photos and replaced the GPS with the 2002 one. I added some default FS and third party gauges and slightly modified bitmaps. If you like the original one, you can just pick the radio, gps and throttle sections of my panel.cfg. 6.3MB
FS2004 N.A. T-6D Texan (Harvard) Panel. Panel for North American AT-6D or T-6D Texan(Harvard) Also suitable for others versions of the T-6. By Daniel Nole. 2.8MB
FS2004 F-16 panel. -- This panel was modified by Doz, based on Peeters Johan's F-16 panel (f16pnljp.zip) Eric Marciano F-16 panel (fullf16pnl.zip) and any gauges Johan Peeters, Eric Marciano. 3.8MB
FS2004 Teknam P-92 Photoreal Panel. Complete photoreal panel with improved gauges. By Alex Sacchi. 2.9MB
FS2004 Boeing 747-200 Panel. Quality panel with Docs manual containing instructions. By Ken Mitchell. 13MB
FS2004 Embraer -145 Photoreal Panel with full internal views and 2 animated wingviews. Designed for the Dreamwings-Embraer but will suit any EMB-145. Made by Horst Paetzold. 4.3MB
FS2004 Photorealistic McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 Panel. Based on an Original Flight Deck Photograph. All Gauges are Enclosed and are Superimposed Unobtrusively on the Bitmap with Attention to Detail. Includes Photoreal Overhead Panel, GPS, Passenger Cabin View, Speaker Announcements...and more! Only for FS2004. By Antonio Bucoli. 10.9MB
FS2004 Antonov An124 Panel. By Francisco Silva 3.7MB
FS2004 PBY Catalina Panel. This panel was made for Mike Stone's PBY5 aircraft & may be used in any Catalina. By Ken Mitchell. 12.4MB
FS2004 Tupolev TU 154-B2 Panel. An update to the awesome Tupolev TU 154-B2 V 9.4 from Project Tupolev - here. Michael Zukowski. 1.2MB