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FS2004 GARversion 737-200 panel version 2. If you had problems with the 737-200adv panel v.1, now it is time to try out v.2! GARversion 737-200adv panel v.2 is a dual panel with a full overhead and realistic procedures. It is perfect for any virtual airine that has a 737-200adv in their fleet. This panel fits well with any 737-200 with or without wingviews. Enjoy flying in the 737-200adv with this fully realistic panel. Gauges by Tinmouse Panel by Gareth Scott Not FSX compatible Panel based from the 737-205adv Cayman Airways. 13.3MB

Upgrade & revision in addition to the above panel. 6MB

FS2004 Boeing 757-200 Photoreal Panel with wingviews and TCAS made for Project Opensky Boeing 757-200 model. Horst Paetzold. 5.8MB
FS2004 Boeing 747-400 Photoreal Panel with full internal views incl. 3 animated wingviews for Project Opensky B747-400 and prepared for TCAS and RADAR, usable for any other B747-400 without wingviews / by Horst Paetzold. 5.9MB
FS2004 Dornier Do-17M/P panel This panel has been done to fit to the nice Dornier Do-17 M/P's from Thicko.The original panel was done by Lobo da Silva. I just did some little detail and repaint work and fitted gauges to match as far as
possible my original docs about the plane and to use it in fs2004 By: Michael "Pappi" Vader. 15.7MB
FS2004 IRIS Tornado GR4 2d Panel upgrade. this pack from UKMIL will upgrade the 2d panel in the freeware IRIS tornado GR4 (here). original aircraft from IRIS, upgrade panel inc bitmap by UKMIL. 1.8MB
FS2004 Piper Seminole photoreal panel. High visibility 2D panel using Piper Seminole actual photo. Suitable for single/ twin (with modification) engine piston trainers as cessna aerobat, 172,Piper Arrow, Seminole, Aztac etc using default and freeware tailormade gauges.Col Sanjay Bajpai. File size 4.4MB
FS2004 Aero L29c Delfin Panel. This is a 2d- high visibility Delfin panel made from an actual photo of the Delfin with near actual gauges (gauges included) as close to real thing as possible. The height of the eyeview is same as would be seen by a 5'7" pilot in a delfin cockpit. The Gun sight has been removed as it may not be required in FS. Made from all freeware available gauges and Bitmap. Col Sanjay Bajpai. 14.5MB
FS2004 Embraer 120 2D panel v 2.0. Upgraded with new engine gauges more accurate, better centered needles, new instruments as timer, OAT, digital fuel indicator , ... and some other improvements. For the really beautiful "Brazilia" designed by Eric Cantu. By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.2MB
FS2004 BAe 146 Panel v4.0 Completely new panel and system trainer for the British Aerospace BAe 146. This new version contents now all working systems like electric, hydraulic, fuel, pressurization and many other. Those systems based very close on the real BAe 146 systems and were programmed close to the manual and with the information and description of real world pilots. Version 4.0 contents now a full working TMS (thrust Modulation System), and all modes of the AFGS (Automatic Flight Guidance System), including AP SYNC. Completely new is the possibility now to save the complete cockpit state. A 160 pages manual which is necessary to handle all the complex functions is included together with a set of flight dynamics for all available models to bring them to work with the panel. By Matthias Lieberecht - The BAe Panel Project. 9.5MB
FS2004 King Air 2D panel. Actually a B200 panel but suitable for all models of King Air. It was built on the recent aircraft B300 designed by AFG (here). All XML gauges of which many built by the author. By Pierre Fasseaux. 1.1MB
FS2004 C.R.D.A. Cant.Z.506A/C Ala Littoria Panel Upgrade. This 2D panel is an upgraded and more realistic version with completely new gauges for my C.R.D.A. Cant.Z.506A/C (here). Created by Manuele Villa. 3.6MB
FS2004 iFly B747-400 2D Panel Upgrade. Addition of Centerpost and internal views, including 2 window-views and 1 cabin-view. (wingviews not possible) This is only useful for those fligtsimmers, who prefer (like me) to use this fantastic bird w i t h o u t the virtual cockit, mainly to get better frame-rates. Creatd for the iFly Boeing 747-400 Package (here) By Horst Paetzold. 3.4MB
FS2004 Mig-21_2000 (Biason) Panel. This High visibility 2D panel with full HUD uses similar layout bitmap as the actual 'Biason'. Gauges (all freeware & tailormade included) as used in the actual aircraft. Eye point set as would be same for a pilot 5'8" tall. Col Sanjay Bajpai. File size 17 MB.
FS2004 Aero Vodochody L159B Panel. This High visibility 2D panel with HUD uses similar layout bitmap as the actual 'LCA'. Gauges (all freeware & tailormade included) as used in the actual aircraft. Col Sanjay Bajpai. File size 16 MB.
FS2004 P2Y Ranger Panel & VC Update. A modified panel file for Paul Clawson's great P2y Ranger (here). Gauges in the 2D and VC have been re-arranged into an easier to read, symmetrical layout. The VC eyepoint has been moved into the pilot's seat. A throttle box was added to eliminate those "Floating" throttle and mixture levers. Gauges are from default DC-3. Special thanks to Paul Clawson for letting me do these modifications. By Bob Erwin. 1.6MB
FS2004/2002 Boeing 707 panel. Based on real photos from airliners.net, panel highly realistic, gauges by Richard Probst, Paul Golding,Chris Alevritis, myself and varios freeware designers. This panel is designed for FS2002/4 1024x768 resolution, includes full fotoreal interior views, special nighlighted (frame rate friendly!) ,all cockpit sounds and upper panel. Panel by Helio Estrela . 11MB he707v1.zip
FS2004 Tower Control Panel. Includes, Main Panel, Radar Screen, Information, Communications, Radar Settings and Session Info. Just put this in the aircraft you want the panel to be on. For example Ii have this on a helicopter to land on top of a building for online tower control. 2.4MB
FS2004 Cessna 210 P Pressurized Panel with full internal views, containing two different panels in beige and gray specially made for the freeware Cessna 210 pressurized from Brett Henderson here (C210P.ZIP). By Horst Paetzold. 9.3MB
FS2004 LearJet-25 PhotoReal Panel with full internal views incl. 2 wingviews by Horst Paetzold. 4.7MB
FS2004 A-10 Thunderbolt II 2D panel. Precision Engagement Upgrade Cockpit Conversion Package. This package contains only the panel.cfg file to convert the 2D panel located here, so that it can be used in FS2004. The A-10 Precision Engagement Upgrade panel included in eglina10c.zip is required and may be obtained here. 98K