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FS2004 CRJ Panels Intended for Project Opensky CRJ Series Aircraft. Created by Mark Leegard. 2.7MB
FS2004 Airbus A-320 Panel Version 1. This A 320 panel was made based on photos of the actual cockpit and has customized gauges specifically designed for it. By Hector Molina. 1.3MB
FS2004 Airbus & Modern Passenger Jet Generic Panels; Two generic panels that should work in any twin engine heavy. Both are based on Ken Mitchell's 717 panel and made available with Ken's permission. I use one of the panels for the airbus and the second for whatever else needs a panel at the time. To save space, panel2 contains the main and right front bmps and panel cfg only. They both use the same gauges and side views. You'll need to copy and paste the gauges and other views into it and rename it "panel". Then just drop either into your aircraft. Yes, gauges work from the panel folder. No need to mess up you're main gauge folder. Enjoy! Richard. aka Bigshot. 5.2MB
FS2004 DC-3 SINGLE IFR PANEL UPDATE Official update of Mark Beaumont's single IFR panel only for the DC-3. Requires previous installation of DC3_PAN.ZIP and DC3_PAN2.ZIP (above) but makes no changes to any of the twin panels. As additional pop-ups, adds an improved Electrical Panel with essential gauges, Bill Morad's ATC Control Panel, R.L. Clark's Radio CD player and Robert K. Guy's Airspeed/Groundspeed readout as part of the digital overlay. All simicons are now on a pop-up panel also, leaving the basic panel clear and uncluttered for flying. Optional PANEL.CFG files included for those who have previously installed Beaumont and Bitzer's three and four tank modifications. By Mark Beaumont. File name: DC3_PAN3.ZIP. 1.4MB
FS2004 OV-10 A/E Bronco Panel. Made from FS Panel Studio. Sqn.Ldr. Athayuth " Arthur " Khaosa-ard. 1MB
FS2004/2002 Wingview package. This version includes 4 new wingviews! This wingviews can be used for every aircraft. The 4 wingviews are designed for the: Boeing 737, 767, BAE 146, and for the Airbus A330/340. By Frank Elfert. 2.2MB
FS2004 Embraer ERJ-145 panel Version 1 This panel was designed based on actual ERJ photos. All gauges were costumized and specially created for this panel. Very close to reality. By Hector Molina. 1.2MB

FS2004 Airbus A320 or A330 Panel. A simple, and intuitively easy to use panel that uses many default gauges in conjunction with more advanced gauges available as freeware. Redistributed here with permission of the original authors. Original Panel Bitmaps: Andreas Jaros at FPDA.. By Alex Christoff. 8.2MB

Fix for my A320 Panel for FS9. Fixes the missing GPS, replaces some missing lighting toggles in the overhead, resizes and repositions the radio stack, and replaces and re-centers the standy instruments. Sorry about the inconvenience. Alex Christoff. 104K

FS2004 F/A-18c Panel with integrated Aircraft Carrier catapult and Arresting gear gauges developed and released as freeware by Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. It is to be used with the F-18 by K. Virtanen (FS9FA18C.zip - here). By Todd McKee. 1.7MB