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  Props Page 139
FSX/FS2004 Grumman AA-5 Cabair 'G-OTIG' Textures Only. First introduced in 1974, the AA-5 series were unique in their bonded honeycomb airframes, producing a simple, smooth, and strong structure. With a sliding canopy and quick controls, the AA-5 were a breed apart. The later AA-5B series had more powerful engines, giving a needed boost in performance. This aircraft is currently based at Elstree, Herts, UK, In this scheme. Requires the freeware aircraft by Tim Conrad (here). By Ben Hartmann of UKMIL repaints. 4MB
FS2004 De Havilland Chipmunk - WP962 RAF Museum Textures Only. This aircraft currently resides in the RAF Museum In Hendon, London In this scheme. Requires Rick Piper's Chipmunk here. By Ben Hartmann of UKMIL repaints. 1.4MB
FS2002/2004 Cessna 182RG White and Violet Textures for use with the default Cessna 182RG in a white and multi-hued violet scheme. Repaint by Don Brynelsen. 208K
FS2002/2004 Sky Circus Textures for default Cessna 182RG. Red, Yellow, Orange over white airshow scheme for use with the Cessna 182 included in Flight Simulator. Repaint by Don Brynelsen. 85K
FS2004/2002 de Havilland Dash 8-100 Airwave Airlines. Original AI Dash 8 made flyable. Paint by Keith Gorex. 4.4MB
FS2004 Cessna Skyhawk Civil Air Patrol Textures only. Used the default FS2004 C-172 Skyhawk. This CAP repaint is done under N706DE Aircraft reg. The texture is compressed as DX3/DX1 no mips, to improve frames. Repainted by Steven Nagley. 1.3MB

FS2004 Noorduyn Norseman On Floats. The Noorduyn Norseman was built from 1935 until 1959. They have been used all over the world in both civil and military roles. The famous US band leader and composer Glen Miller disappeared in a Noresman over the English Channel durring WWII. They have been used primarily for bush planes on both wheels and floats with most of them being used in Canada. The Noorduyn company continues to this day in Montreal building aircraft interiors. Made with FSDS 2.6. Includes custom panel bitmap by Ken Mitchel. Includes three paint schemes, Canadian, USAF and Bush Flying Unlimited. Full moving parts including water rudders and opening doors. Features a fully funtional VC. Dynamics based on Fred Banting's DH. 2.5MB

FS2004 Chincul PA-A-38 Tomahawk. A Piper Tomahawk manufactured under license by Chincul S.A. Full aircraft with installer; includes fully functional virtual cockpit and four liveries. By Adrian Fernandez Gomez. 12.8MB
FS2004 dH Chipmunk da Academia da Força Aérea Textures only. Repaint of Rick Piper's Chipmunk representing the Portuguese Air Force Academy instructor plane.Original file by Rick Piper required (here). João Pinho. 934K
FS2004 Cessna 172/T-41 Mescalero Textures. Repaint of the default Cessna 172. The T-41 Mescalero was a USAF high-performance version of the Skyhawk. This paint scheme is meant to closely resemble an Air Force Academy T-41 seen in Colorado in 1990. Painted By R.E. Wyman. 929K