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  Props Page 37

FS2004 US Coast Guard PBY Catalina. Repaint of Mike Stone's original PBY model (included). Repaint by Henry William. 2.6MB

US Coast Guard PBY Fix Small fix that will allow the aircraft to show in it's colors. Ray Brower. 5K

FS2004/2002 Grumman Goose US Coast Guard 2 Liveries. Mike Stone's Grumman Goose in two paint schemes of the US Coast Guard. Repaints by Carlos Lindarte and Samurai. Ray Brower. 742K
FS2004/2002 Grumman HU-16 Albatross 3 repaints for the 1950's, 60's & 70's. The model was created and animated with g-max. It contains moving parts, virtual cockpit w/working gauges and controls, transparent cockpit windows and custom panel. Model has been tested with FS2002 Pro and can be taken off and landed on land or water. Model, animation, panel & textures by Greg Pepper. Repaints by Ray Brower & Carlos Lindarte Ray Brower. 4.2MB
FS2004 Rilo Aeronautics Para Plane (Updated version). Twin Engine Plane developed for Sky Diving, Reaching Jump altitude in under 10 minutes and carrying Two Crew and 12 Jumpers.Panel by Allen I. and Ric L. Air file by Chuck dome and Modified by Rilo Aeronautics. The plane is also being used as a Transport in the Alaskan Bush. 2MB
FS2004 Grumman J4F-1 Widgeon USCG Joe Binka's Grumman J4F-1 Widgeon in pre-WW2 U.S. Coast Guard livery with texture upgrades by Mick Morrissey. All markings redone in the correct style of letters and numbers. Removes the yellow from the bottom of the wings and tailplanes and adds the USCG lettering below the wings. Other minor tweaks. Textures modified from Joe Binka's originals. 1.3MB
FS2004 Herald BAF original Herald livery Textures only. This is the first livery worn by the BAF herald fleet. Note:-Because the way the textures are layed out unfortunatly the titles are reversed on the right hand side. An extra texture file is supplied to fly without titles if you prefer. You will need the FSDS Herald model by Rick Piper here. Repaint by Garry Russell. 315K
FS2004 Cambrian first Viscount livery Textures only. One of Cambrians first batch of Viscounts bought from BEA G-AMOL was the fourth to enter service. Purchased on 1-April 1963 its career was cut short when on 20-July 1965 it went out of control and crashed on the approach to Liverpool in poor weather whilst operating a freight flight. You will need the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 562K
FS2004/2002 Fairchild C-123 "Provider" USCG colors GMax model with full animation, including door and ramp Aircraft by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, Repaint by Carlos Lindarte, Panel by George Sandel Ray Brower. 1.5MB

FS2004 Northwest Lockheed L-10A Electra Package, registration NC14935, 1934 livery. 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ELECTRA L-10. It first went into service with Northwest Airlines in June 1934, and within twelve months they operated a fleet of thirteen aircraft. Complete new FSDS2 model. Features full animated moving-parts, high detailed and reflectice textures and a high detailed Virtual Cockpit. Including new 2D panel and Weight Tool. By Arik Hohmeyer (FS-Design Berlin). 12.4MB
FS2004 Viscount 745 Aloha Airlines Textures only. Aloha repainted their fleet in this striking flower livery. This aircraft, originally with Capital, was bought in April 1963 from Austrian Airlines. N7415 was destroyed in a ground fire at Honolulu, Hawaii on 18-Aug 1971. You will need the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell.. 615K