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  Props Page 41
FS2004 Viscount 814 Intra Airways Textures only. An early expansion saw Intra Airways of Jersey operating Viscount 810 and a single 700. This machine series 814 G-BAPE came from British Midland who had earlier leased it to British Airways. Originally it belonged to Lufthansa. Intra became Jersey European Airways later British European and now Fly be.Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 420K
FS2004 Viscount 724 Intra Airways Textures only. In one of its many guises, the much used G-BDRC flew in this livery on lease from Alidair. It was later repainted to match the Viscount 810's but kept the slightly different nose titles. This one time TCA aircraft bought from Air Inter of France went on to fly for Air Ecosse Dan Air and Alidair before ending up as Guernsey Airlines Sarnia II. It was sold to Janus but never flew in service for them, ending its days on the Manston Fire dump. Requires the FSDS Viscount 700 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 534K
FS2004 Herald Channel Express early ex Arkia livery Textures only. Originally 4X-AHS with Arkia of Israel, G-BEZB was one of four machines bought by Express Air Services/Express Air Freight. Supposingly merged with Intra and ABC to form Jersey European Airways, ABC stayed seperate and Express became Channel Express. Despite all the changes 'Blossom' remained, up until withdrawl in 1987 still wearing its basic original Arkia livery. Requires the FSDS Herald model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 435K
FS2004/2002 Antonov An-12 Antonov Virtual Airlines A repaint of Vladimir Zhyhulskiy's An-12B in Antonov Airlines Colors. Complete aircraft, with full moving parts (door, ramp), VC..etc. Updated cockpit with both metric and standard gauges (Vertical speed, Airspeed, Altimeter). Ray Brower. 3.6MB
FS2004 Volpar Model 18 Bush Flying Unlimited, the White-and-Grey, AND Margarita Air Textures only. Requires Brian Gladden's Volpar packages (previous page & below) Textures by Jeff Jordon. 1.9MB
FS2004/2002 Embraer EMB 100 US Coast Guard. Model; & textures by J R Lucariny. 1.2MB

FS2004 Beechcraft Model 18 Volpar on Amphibious Floats. The Beech 18 was one of Beechcraft's most enduring designs. In production from the late 1930's until the early 60's many are still in use all over the world. This plane represents a late Model Super H with the Volpar Trigear conversion that has been further modified with International Aeroproducts 8100 series Amphibious floats Features: Full FS 2004 control surface animation, Opening door (shift-E) Dynamic shine, Reflective textures, Panel, Virtual cockpit, Rolling wheels and of course full lighting. A paint kit is also included and repaints are encouraged but please only upload textures, not the whole plane Aircraft by Brian Gladden. 4.8MB

Upgrade: Panel.cfg patch to fix framerate issue. 4K

FS2004 Piper Cub PA-11 N4971H "Flight of Passage" and N4711U. Repaint, new PA-11 flightdynamics and reworked panels by Peter Henne. Original model of PA-18 by J.E.Narcizo Original J3-Panel by Yannick Lavigne. 2MB
FS2004 Viscount 804 Dan Air Textures only. Dan Air never owned Viscounts but they operated many of various types under lease over many years. This one, a type 804 came from Southern International. Like most of its contempories it ended up with BAF. Requires the FSDS Viscount 800 model by Rick Piper here Repaint by Garry Russell. 443K
FS2004 Metroliner III - Passenger Hi detail model of FAIRCHILDS METRO III prop airliner. High detail model with fully animated gear, wheels, flaps ailerons, elevatiors and independant suspension on gear struts. Also has animated passenger and rear cargo door. Plain white. Come bundled with David Dursts Metro panel which features cockpit views from photos taken by Jon Murchison. By Jon Murchison. 3.4MB