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  Props Page 92
FS2004 Extra EA-400 Release 3.0 Designed by Walter Extra, justly recognized for the aerobatic 300S, the 400 is a pressurized turbocharged single engine aircraft. It seats 6 and is capable of 235 knots TAS. It is unique in many ways with composite construction, advanced avionics and a turbocharged liquid cooled Continental engine. By Dee Waldron & Michael Verlin. 2.8MB

FS2004 EADS CASA 235-100. All usual moving parts, Virtual Cockpit, and two liveries. Panel by Horst "CloudFlyer" Paetzold. Model, textures and FDE By J.E.Narcizo & RanchoJEN team. 2.8MB

FS2004 EADS CASA 235-100 paint kit. PSD files with blank textures for the RanchoJEN CASA CN235. By J.E.Narcizo. 415K

FS2004 SAAB 340 Crossair. FFG SAAB 340 series aircraft. This version has been developed with the latest enhancements of FSDS2 available in 2004 FSDS V2 model: Pascal Linder/FFG FDE : Dave Page/FFG Masters : Pascal Linder/FFG Tweakings/optimisation: John Cillis. 5.3MB
FS2004 Lockheed Super Constellation Update. This is an update for the Lockheed Super Constellation by Mike Stone (here or at Mike's site). I have added toggle switches, a nav/GPS switch, a digital trim gauge, the rest of the wheels, and updated the flight dynamics. There is also a turbine engine option so you can have reverse thrust. Bob Chicilo. 201K
FS2004 Shorts Tucano RAF livery from Simshed. It's flyable but is cut way down to use as AI For those that have difficulty with simshed hi-gloss perspex finish, rename the glass2.bmp to glass.bmp in the textures folder. 992K
FS2004/2002 Taylor E2 "Kitty" Cub: Modeled by Golden Age Simulations [Paul Corish, Gil Halpin, Keith Monson] This model recreates the original cub designed in 1930 by C.G. Taylor and advertised as "America's safe airplane", the E-2 Cub was the first one in a long line of aircraft models to carry the "Cub" name. The Taylor Aircraft Corporation, which later became Piper Aircraft Corporation, produced this airplane in 1932. 3.2MB
FS2004 Super Otter Rust's Flying Service Textures only. This is a repaint of Eugene Heyart's Super Otter Package(socomplt.zip here) in the real life Rust's Flying Service paint scheme. Textures by Jacob Lynn. 2.2MB
FS2004 YAK12 Package. Created by Ilya Sheen. 13.6MB

FS2004 I.C.P. Savannah UltraLight The ICP Savannah is one of the top selling ultralights in Europe. It is dependable and easy to fly. Its STOL performance makes it easy to operate from any airfield. The Savannah is also a very good airplane for cross-country flights during which one can appreciate its great stability. Full package includes: Aircraft,Textures and panel & virtual cockpit: Massimo Taccoli FD files : Dennis Seeley Gauges : Dennis Seeley & Massimo Taccoli Sounds : Modified from original by Mike Hambly. 4.8MB



FS2004 PZL 104 Wilga Package. Included in this package are: Stock Wilga- Float Wilga- Amphibian Wilga- Tundra Wilga- Tow Truck Wilga- beta All of these are of the 3 seat variety and have an extra gas tank where the 4th seat was. Includes dynamic virtual cockpit. By Joe Binka and Bruce Thorson. 9.7MB wicked_wilga.zip