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  Scenery Page 108
FS2004 RAF Fairford, UK, Scenery. With FS9's default Fairford AFCAD simply being a piece of tarmac which was hardly realistic. Hours of pouring over scale charts, maps and photos saw the AFCAD completed with as much accuracy as was possible so it seemed natural to try to add a few buildings. Therefore what we have here is a representation of the layout of RAF Fairford with a few hard sought extra added bits for reality! Stephen Legg & Keith Steadman. 6.2MB
FS2004 RAF Coningsby, UK. A detailed representation of the home of the Eurofighter Typhoon in operational service in the UK. Gmax scenery with photo-tiles. Features aircraft shelters with animated doors, flight line equipment and personnel and options to maintain frame rate for users with lower end PCs. A comprehensive AI package is available at UKMIL. By John Young, UKMIL. 9.8MB
FS2004 Alitak Outpost, south of Kodiak Island, Alaska. STOL. The runway length is 350ft of dirt perfect for Piper Supercubs, etc. . File created by Drew Blankenship. 33K
FS2004 Gambo Sky Dive Centre (GSDC). For those who like to have some action in your FS, this file will give you a little fun with the right aircraft. I recommend the Deer Valley Douglas Twin Otter. Rob Brentnall. 81K
FS2004 LFBH La Rochelle International Airport , France 2007 Scenery. Randolph Chevallier. 2.6MB
FS2004 CBLA, Alaska, Scenery. The airport is fictional but it is at my favorite lake in FS2004. The runway is 700ft long and is made of gravel.To use the scenery you must have RWY 12 textures installed. I have included two bonus items also. there labeled AKK oil rig fix which adds the Mobil 1 Oil rig at NDB, ABC South of Kodiak Island, Alaska. TFFJ bird adds a tropical bird standing at the airport. 106K
FS2004 Spanish Armada F-84 Reina Sofía (Queen Sofía) frigate. The F 80 class is based on the long version of the Oliver Hazard Perry US Navy frigates. Six frigates complete the 41 Escuadrilla de Escoltas de la Armada (Scort group). The F-84 Reina Sofía entered in service in 1990, built in the Bazán shipyards of Ferrol, Spain. Displaces 3.982 tons and is able to carry 1 or 2 SH-60B Lamps III helicopters. Alberto García Lledó. 2.4MB
FS2004 Spanish Armada F 101 Álvaro de Bazán frigate. The F100 class is the first european design with the Aegis system, developed by Lockheed-Martin. It is able to detect and track until 90 movile objectives. The profile of the ship has been designed to reduce the radar echo. It carries a SH60B Lamps helicopter. . Alberto García Lledó. 2.6MB
FS2004 Galicia ship. For those friends who asked me for a Galicia ship near the LHD Juan Carlos I and my other Spanish Armada designs.This ship completes a naval parade of the Spanish Armada in the bay of Santander, with the F101 Álvaro de Bazán and F84 Reina Sofía frigates. All of them with landable decks and deck lights. . Alberto García Lledó
FS2004 Strategic Projection Ship Juan Carlos. This is a new version of the LHD (Strategic Projection Ship) Juan Carlos I, previously delivered to simviation. The new version fixes the abnormal shines of the water around the ship, includes new and more detailed textures, new structural details and landing deck lights for night flights.. Alberto García Lledó. 1.9MB