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  Scenery Page 27
FS2004 Upgrade to KATL "The Harstfield/Jackson International Airport". Add's just about all Terminal A,B,C,D,E and T gates. Fixes all runway, taxiway ramp errors. approach lighting fixed to real airport setup. several taxiway lines and lighting errors fixed. Done by: Andrew Mycoskie. 96K
FS2004 Taipei Financial Center (Taipei 101). Standing at 1,667 feet, the Taipei 101 is officially the world's tallest building. Located one mile south of RCSS, it almost didn't get built due to its proximity to this airport. The tower boasts 101 floors, the world's fastest elevators, an observation deck, restaurant, and a shopping mall. Scenery features night lighting, dynamic shine, and a custom landclass for the city of Taipei, Taiwan. John Townsend. 131K
FS2004 Russian AFCAD2 files Release 3 Some 90 airports included. Made according to the real airport charts as far as the default scenery allows. Some AFCAD's are for non-default scenery. Adjustments for this version: - Replaced some third-party AFCADs with own-made ones. - Removed all the AFCAD files that were meant for the addon airports made by 'Rulexy' as these didn't need changes - Some more airports added. AFCAD available here. Ivo van Zon. 325K
FS2004 F-16 AI traffic for Syracuse NY. . This puts ai F-16s over New York. (get the ai f-16 here) Includes texture and AFCAD along with the flightplans. NEEDS TTools and AFCAD2. By Calvin Gwinner (Proud to be from New York State.). 473K
FS2004 Saint Stanislaw's Islands. This is a good quality, fictional scenery comprising of 3 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. There were empty, now they are huge resorts! Includes 3 airports, city and harbour. 15MB
FS2004 Chicago South Wacker Drive The Wall Street of the Midwest, South Wacker Drive is home to some the tallest buildings in the world. Those buildings include the Sears Tower,at 1,454ft (1,730 including antennas) the tallest building in the Western Hemishpere, and at 4.5 million square feet, the largest skyscraper in the world. Scenery feature nightlighting, dynamic shine, and a new Sears Tower replacing the default. John Townsend. 814K
AFCAD2 Portugal 2000 - Airfields These files add AFCAD2 information and correct AI Traffic altitude in all airfields from Portugal 2000 scenery (http://ppp.airsim.net). 94K
FS2004/2002 Cozumel & Cancun Scenery, Mexico. Cozumel enhancements include a custom waterclass to improve the reef placement; custom landclass to for the town of San Miguel which adds the north and south hotel districts; international cruise ship and ferry piers; marina's at the north and south ends;lighthouses at Punta Moles and Punta Sur;island roads; dive boats on the reefs,some of the tourist stops on the undeveloped side of the island, and custom shoreline to add in Columbia lagoon and Isla de Passion. By: Jay Sorochin. 2MB