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  Scenery Page 35
FS2004 Brentwood STOLport - EGBX, Essex, UK (Fictional). Brentwood is a STOLport with a 1620 metre runway 04-22 with LOC/DME/GS on both approaches. Frequencies are 111.5 (Rwy 04) and 111.7 (Rwy 22). There is also an NDB on the field (Frq 237 MHz). The field's Comms frequencies are Ground 121.75 MHz and Tower 118.55 MHz. Roger Mole. 4.1MB
FS-2004 - Mackinac Island, Michigan - includes geodetic correction to the island, Round Island and Mackinac Island Lighthouses, Arnold's dock, Fort Mackinac, downtown buildings, and of course The Grand Hotel. Special effects are utilized including night time light reflection from the dock obstruction lights, and the rotating light beams on the lighthouses. Additional information is available in the Documentation folder. By Al Heline and Jim Bosworth. 6.7MB
FS2004 Duxford Airfield & Imperial War Museum, England, UK. This is an upgrade to the default airfield adding grass runway, taxiway with holdpoints and signs, and control tower. You also have free admission to the Imperial War Museum as you taxi past the visitors viewing a selection of the exterior exhibits. All main exhibition halls are realistically recreated. Fully compatible with VFR Photo Scenery for England& Wales Best with fast processor. By Iain Gallacher. 2.3MB
FS2004 Abandoned B-29 Training Fields. Including Bruning AAF located east of Bruning, Nebraska, McCook AAF located northwest of McCook, Nebraska & Walker AAF located east of Hays, Kansas. Robert Pear. 2.7MB
FS2004 2AR9 - Mineral Falls Airport Airport placed in the bottom of the 'Arkansas Hole' 15000 feet down. Version 1 Build using AFCAD Steven Rogers. 9K

FS2004 Pre War USS Saratoga (CV-3) This FSDS - GMAX project has a hardened deck suitable for take-offs and landings. It is located just outside Pearl Harbor. It is in the true FS2004 scenery object format and the necessary XML and .mdl file are included so it can be easily relocated with entry of coordinates and heading and compiled with BGLCOMP. By Paul Clawson. 110K

FS2004 USS Saratoga Update This update for the USS Saratoga (Sarav2.zip, required) gets rid of the building crash problem when crash detection is turned on in the Simulator. The necessary files to move the ship with BGLCOMP are included. By Paul Clawson. 70K

FS2004 Belgrade Airport Scenery. 1.8MB
FS2004 Scenery: Gdansk Poland. This is the "next step" for this project in progress. This scenery is under construction and does not represent the "Final" version. by Bart Dylkiewicz. 5.7MB
FS2004 KHOL. This scenery puts a small airport in the anomaly commonly known as 'The Arkansas Hole' I have included a 7500 ft runway, fuel, and parking for both heavies and GA aircraft. Also includes an oil rig to practice your helicopter skills on. The Arkansas Hole is over 15,000 ft deep, and is a blast to play in. I routinely take heavies in and out for a challenge. You'd better be good! Made with AFCAD and Isreal's Rwy 12 object placer. by Kevin Ryan. 22K
FS2004 EHAM Schiphol Int'l Airport, Amsterdam All Realistic Scenery, , The Netherlands. This mini scenery includes crossing runway system; all runways active for take-off and landing; maintenance aprons for Dutch airlines, close to their hangars; highways A4 and A5 and many other roads; correct taxiway names, included are taxiways V and Z to the "Polderbaan"; GA only uses runway 04-22 for take-off; all gates/ramps icluded; Project X VDGS scenery compatible. By Peter Bos. 665K