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  Scenery Page 41
FS2004 New Grass & Dirt Runways & Taxiways (Updated). These new textures will completely change the look of your Default Grass and Dirt Runways & Taxiways to be what I consider to be much more realistic. I have also altered what was the Brick Runway and Taxiway Textures to be a much Darker Color giving AFCAD Designers a much greater oportunity to add different Runway, Taxiway and Ground Polygons. Ian Thatcher. 819K
FS2004 Textures for the taxiway + runway. . Super detailed textures using real photographic source pictures. Author: Cole G. Hiatt. 1.6MB
FS2004 Meigs Field Closed. As many of you know, Mayor Daley closed Meigs, Chicago. You can still land, but tower, Ground, and AI Aircraft now do not exist. Creator: Alex Ramos. 22K
FS 2004 Lost in Space Alpha control. Launch facility scenery from the original T.V. series. Features elevated landing pad. And time of day display structures. By R.C.Reddin/Glitch 1MB
FS2004 Ramos Municipal Heliport. My very wn ficticious heliport, i was geting fed up with having no heliports, so I built my own. it's not far from U. of Illinois. Creator: Alex Ramos. 2.8MB
FS2002/2004 RAF Leeming V.1, UK. RAF Leeming in an active frontline RAF station that is currently home to F3's and Hawks and a future home for the Typhoon. Situated in North Yorkshire, NE England this replacement scenery includes the Hardened aircraft shelters, main hangers and Happy Eater control tower. First Project by Rob Brittain. Size 5.8MB

FS2004, Acapulco International Airport, Mexico - MMAA This scenery depicts the Acapulco International Airport in it's entirety. It is a smaller airport, but is able to handle the largest jetliners. There are no jetways at this airport, and incoming international flights are met by buses which carry passengers to the terminal. This airport also has a large general use population due to it's jet set locale. It uses pink in many areas most likely due to the very popular Las Brisas Hotel which originated the pink and white color scheme it uses in this city, even in their transport Jeeps. An afcad is also included which contains cross pattern runways which are used here, and was completed with the help of Ray Smith. By: Bill Melichar. 4.4MB

See below ..

FS2004 Acapulco Int. Update MMAAAs luck would have it, an excellent photo of the Acapulco terminal was received the day after the original upload. This is not a fix, but updates the terminal to more closely depict the real thing. There were several changes which made this update necessary, including a more subdued pink shade, brighter whites, reworked architecture, added, and moved structures, additional trees, and two jetways added. The original scenery Aca.zip is required in order for this update to work. A new afcad2 by Ray Smith is also included here to reflect the changes. By: Bill Melichar. 680K
FS2004 Realistic Snow/Ice Runways version 2.0 This file allows more realistic looking runways in any area in the world that has snow on the ground in the world. These runways will replace a default winter asphalt and concrete runways and add more of a icy/snow mix to it. You will still be able to see rwy numbers etc, but the rest of the runway looks realistic. Randy Oldfield. 983K