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  Scenery Page 70
FS2004 Spangdahlem AB (ETAD), Germany. Spangdahlem is currently used by the USAFE and is located in west Germany. It currently houses the 52nd Fighter Wing which includes the 22nd and 23rd Fighter Squadrons which use F-16C/D's and the 81st Fighter squadron which operates the A-10A. First off this is my first attempt at creating scenery for flightsim. I decided to create this field for the simple reason ive wanted someone to create it for years and its never been done as far as im aware. I have used many resources for the scenery such as airport diagram and many photos including aerial photos. Ian McCartney. 1.3MB

FS2004 Silver Wings Package: . This program replaces ground textures and autogen to favor the low and slow modern General Aviation and Bush pilots. Includes both original and revised Microsoft textures. The program also installs new reflective water treatment, new weather themes and low frame rate hit clouds. Silver Wings WORKS BEST WITHOUT ADDON ROADS PROGRAMS as it relies on full use of maximized autogen to create cities and suburbs. Revised autogen increases both density and type of 3d objects for a different flight experience. Not recommended for heavy iron pilots but rural and city scapes are sure fun to fly over at treetop level! By Lynn and Bill Lyons. 40.4MB
FS2004 Afcad file for Princess Juliana Airport. This file is for default scenery. It's a very realistic afcad, it's very up to date. There are realistic parking spots, taxiways and aprons (also the heavy plane apron). The only thing I didn't include is an ILS. Simply because that wouldn't be real. Gijsbrecht van Batum. 615K
FS2004 Darkened Storm Clouds with orange-red sky effects. Reworked default MS FS2004 textures are included which will permit more menacing-looking weather conditions to be created. These modifications consist of darkened cumulonimbus textures, as well as afternoon sky textures with an orange-rosy glow along the horizon. Not tested in FS2002 but may work as textures appear to be similar. Modifications by Brian Sturton. 3.7MB
FS2004/2002 Photoreal Trees version 1.0.. Pack of trees photoreal autogen. Every season (except the summer) is those of the summer reprocessed in photoshop to recreate the flowering of spring, the colors ochres of the autumn and snow in winter. With all such scenery replacement add-ons - make sure you back up the originals in case you prefer them! 1.6MB
FS2004 Manchester UK Runway 36 new scenery, taxiways and lights. Thanks for downloading my new scenery. I hope you enjoy it. TO be truthful, there is no real runway 36. Infact i just made it up!!! I hope you like it anyway. If you dont then just delete the file. As simple as that. I would recommend that you remember the file name. Michael.J.Perry. 8K
FS2004 Vancouver International Airport - version 4.2 - FPSfix CYVR42fx is a fix that improves frame rates up to 4-5 fps depending on equipment. Applies to CYVR42.zip, (here) or the upgraded version which incorporates files CYVR4.zip; CYVR41.zip; CYVR4fix.zip; CYVR4com.zip; CYVRup42.zip It also corrects the no-show texture on the Air Canada hangar By P Nigel Grant. 1.4MB
FS2004 Channel Island Airports, UK: The 3 Channel Island Airports (Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney) are located about 20 miles off the French coast in the English Channel. I live on Jersey and have flown through Guernsey and Alderney a number of times, so this is a pretty accurate representation of the airports. Features include many parkable hangars, accurate control towers, accurate departure lounges, accurate gates, accurate aero clubs, many static aircraft, many vehicles, car parks, freight terminals, private aviation terminals, fuel farms, fire-stations, surrounding trees, perimeter fencing and more. Many night textures and custom AFCAD files included. This re-release was prompted by a few bug-fixes. The crash detection has now been removed from all 3 airports and the "white trees" problem that a few people experienced at Alderney has also been fixed. If you didn't suffer from either of these problems, then the original airports are fine and you won't need to download this version as there is nothing else new here. Tim Clayton. 2.5MB
FS2004 GMAX Bacolod Supersenery Version 2005 is a product of months of Scenery research and innovation. This scenery is a one-of-a-kind Flight Simulation Scenery wherein its boasts of its FULL ANIMATION FEATURE which can mostly be found in payware addons. Featured in the product are the following realistic animations: 1. Air Traffic controllers moving inside the tower. 2. Detailed baggage carts moving from the cargo section to the ramp. 3. Moving passengers walking from the Bacolod Airport Pre-Departure Area to the aircraft airstairs. 4. Moving shrubs and palmtrees - in unsynchronized swaying motion. 5. Four moving Cebu Pacific buses transferring passengers from the ramp to the Cebu Pacific terminal building. 6. Moving wind instruments above the control tower such as the wind vane and the rotating beacon lights. 7. Moving firetrucks which will move forward and backward every now and then when aircrafts land and takeoff. 8. A flock of swallows and gamebirds frolicking and flying throughout the airport vicinity waiting for an engine ingestion which will make your approach much more challenging. 9. A traffic of buses, cars, and jeepneys along Araneta Street which will make your Runway 22 approach much more realistic. 10. Rocking fishing boats and bancas located along the Approach path of Runway 04. Created by ARCH'T. VER WALTER L. GULFAN Philippine Flight Simmers Group Scenery Developer FSProjectVER. 10.4MB
FS2004 Snowed Inn Bed and Breakfast Scenery. This scenery was designed using multiple variations of Christmas concepts. There hasn't been a Christmas scenery put out in such a long time that I decided to give you all a place to visit for the Holiday. This scenery was named Snowed Inn Bed & Breakfast with the hosting lodge called Agate Inn, after a real life Alaskan Bed & Breakfast, only this one was geared more toward the great add-on Tinsel Toms. With the recent release of Misty Fjords mesh, Tinsel Toms was marked one of the incompatible sceneries. So I decided to try and render the ideas from that scenery into a twist of my own, although it is aways from Thorne Bay, AK. Complete with Lago add-ons like Christmas music and other enhancements. Merry Christmas to all of you: Airport ID: SIBB. 14.6MB