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  Scenery Page 82
FS2004 Kontum Airfield in the central highlands of Vietnam. Microsoft neglected to include this important Vietnamese city in Flight Simulator. Kontum is a strategic highway junction about 40 miles north of Pleiku. It was attacked and briefly occupied by NVA troops during the Tet Offensive of 1968. Kontum was attacked again in May 1972, but ARVN forces successfully defended it against overwhelming odds with the aid of intensive bombing by the United States. Unfortunately the city was virtually destroyed during the battle. George Knowles. 1MB
FS2004 Lubitz Field Version 1 This is the Lubitz Field, in Bright, Southern Ontario, Canada. Here most UPAC annual conventions take place. UPAC is the Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada. The field is not an "official" aerodrome, so it does not appear in the Transport Canada documentation. The field in this scenery, however, will show on the FS2004 map and in the GPS with the ID letters "CLUB", and it has a UNICOM frequency. I have included in the package two of my aircraft, the Hummelbird and the Skyseeker, and a C185 created by Dave Pearce, as they are part of the traffic. The scenery has some traffic, using those three aircraft plus some standard FS2004 planes. The scenery required me to change the ground texture of the area, because Microsoft had placed a village in the exact location of the field. The result is a large number of texture files, due to the season changes and the mandatory use of autogen trees. All those texture files DO NOT have a significant impact on frame rate, as only some are used at a time. The scenery does include numerous individual objects, and you may want to remove some if your machine feels the impact. They are named as descriptively as I could make them. Authored by Fern Marques. 8.2MB
FS2004 Can Tho Army Airfield, Vietnam scenery with city textures added. Can Tho is another major city that Microsoft failed to include in the program. The default scenery doesn't indicate that a large city exists at this location. I originally created the Can Tho Airfield model without city textures because I didn't know what the city looked like, nor its exact location relative to the airfield. However, while looking through an old scrapbook, I recently discovered an aerial photo of Can Tho that I took while flying over it during the summer of 1968. Consequently, I decided to add city terrain tiles to the scenery. The upgraded scenery more accurately reflects the actual appearance of the area surrounding Can Tho Airfield. (The airfield model itself is unchanged.) George Knowles. 1.2MB
FS2004 Myanmar-Burma AI-Traffic Full Package Full AI-Traffic with Freeware. Included Flightplans from and to and inside Myanmar (Burma): Thai Air, Bangkok Air, Mandarin Airlines, Air India, Air China, China Eastern, Bangladesh Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Druk Air, Qatar Airways, Silkair, Myanmar Airways International, Myanma Airways (Domestic), Air Bagan (Domestic), Yangon Airways (Domestic), Air Mandalay (Domestic and International). Included is also a AFCAD file to adds more parking places in Yangon (required vyyy2006.zip). Many thanks go to Thomas Molitor for his fantastic Traffic Mover v.2, Lars Moellebjerg for his fantastic Call sign Editor and Lee Swordy for his fantastic Traffic-Tool 202 and AFCAD 221. Many thanks go also to Ricky Sharma, Pantee Farhangi, Andre Reitter, Aziz Palas, Thomas Laven, Mike Pearson, Stephen Kirk, Terence Pereira, Steve Tran, Pyi Soe, Nathan Tenney, Bobby Pitaya, Guillaume 'tanj' Lefranc for their fantastic freeware. Step by step installation in Deutsch and English with pictures in PDF-Format only. By HOUSE-RP. 2.1MB
FS2004 Ban Me Thuot East Airfield, Vietnam. A model of Ban Me Thuot East Airfield, Vietnam, as it was in the late 1960s. It replaces the default "Buonmathuot" airport, which is just a simple runway and a generic control tower. North Vietnamese troops attacked Ban Me Thuot in 1965 and 1972 but they were repulsed with heavy losses. In March 1975, however, Ban Me Thuot was surrounded by three NVA divisions and quickly overrun. After the Battle of Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam's armed forces collapsed and fled in panic. Within a few weeks, Saigon was captured and the Vietnam War came to an end. George Knowles. 306K
FS2004 AFCAD2 file for Alexandria Airport (N85), Pittstown, New Jersey, USA; By James "flyboy 28" Tiedeman. 788KB
FS2004 CVN65 DEMO Puerto Rico Carrier. A few words on the demo of the carrier. In effect, this demo is just a piece of scenery. It includes the full USS Enterprise Model, a full texture set for the Ship, and one location near Puerto Rico with a "hard surface" to land on. The Full release version (payware) available from AlphaSim has 10 Locations worldwide, plus all carriers come with multiple "Deck Set-ups" which include A-6, F-14, and S-3 "static" aircraft.....the full package also includes AI flights and AFCADS using the three provided AI aircraft types.. 9.9MB
FS2004 McCarran/Alamo Airport 1942. In 1942 Goerge Crockett established Alamo Airport (now known as McCarran Airport). After 6 years of Alamo, Clark County purchased the airfield and established the Clark Cty. Public Airfield and on December 20, 1948 McCarran Airport was named after U.S. Senator Patrick McCarran. So in honor of the airport's birth I made this 1962 McCarran Airport from the map. Created By: -Jose Gutierrez. 797K
FS2004 AFCAD file of the Ogden-Hinckley Airport (KOGD). This is an updated version of the original airport with updated taxiways and parking spots. I also added most of the helipads where they are supposed to be. The only things I changed are the taxiways, parking spots, and helipads. . All editing was done by Andy Haws. 834K
FS2004 Ben Het Airfield / Special Forces Camp Vietnam, late 60's. This remote base was located in the mountains near the Ho Chi Minh Trail, about eight miles west of Dak To Airfield. Ben Het was almost constantly under attack throughout the war. In 1969, a battle between US and NVA armored units was fought here and several NVA tanks were destroyed. Tank battles were a rare event in Vietnam. The PSP runway at Ben Het was 1,500' long with a helicopter landing pad at each end. Consequently, only C-7 Caribous and other short-field capable aircraft could land there. In December 1970, Ben Het Airfield was turned over to the ARVN Rangers. George Knowles. 834K