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  Scenery Page 97
FS2004 Hogsmeade Airport and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now you can fly to Hogwarts or you can take of from Hogsmeade Airport. Now you and your children can go into the fantasy world of Harry Potter. J.K Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books. I created the School so people can understand the story. Now you can download and place into Flight Simulator 2004. Created by Gary L Varnam. No support is available. 8.8MB
FS2004 3CK Airport AFCAD File. This AFCAD file adds a new runway taxiways and a helipad to Lake In The Hills Airport in Chicago Illinios. This addon does not resemble the real airport but it does add parking, make the runways bigger, and adds more lights to the airport. AFCAD file was created by Kyle Kunzen. 424K
FS2004 AFCAD2 - Divisione Caccia "Aquila", Italian Air Force Scenery. Afcad files for airbases of the Italian fighter division "Eagle", housed in Gioia del Colle (LIBV). There are afcad2 files of six italian airbases: Grosseto (LIRS), CERVIA (LIPC), GRAZZANISE (LIRM), GIOIA DEL COLLE (LIBV) TRAPANI-BIRGI (LICT), and Decimomannu (LIED). See readme file for more informations. Luciano Franchini. Verona, Italia, november 2006. 33K
FS2004 Divisione caccia "Drago", Italian Air Force AFCAD2 Files. Afcad files for airbases of the Italian fighter division "Drake", housed in Milano. There are afcad2 files of five italian airbases: Rivolto (LIPI), Ghedi (LIPL), Amendola (LIBA), Piacenza (LIMC), Istrana (LIPS). See readme file for more informations. FOR FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2004. Copyright Luciano Franchini. 563K
FS2004 As Pontes Thermal Power Station Scenery A Coruņa, Galicia, Spain (Fixed version). Updated, correct and complement the text. Includes Meirama thermal power station and Arteixo Refinery too. All this places are like they must be: without smoke!! Very simply scenery made with default fs2004 objects. By Pablo Chouza. 263K

FS2004 ONT2006. Photoreal scenery of the area around Ontario, California (CA). It covers the area east of the author's Northern Los Angeles Scenery, containing the airports Ontario (KONT), Corona (KAJO), Brackett (KPOC), Chino (KCNO), El Monte (KEMT), Riverside (KRAL) and parts of the San Gabriel Mountains. It's in standard FS2004 resolution of 4.7 m/pixel. By Gottfried Razek. 68.7MB

FS2004 LFMO Caritat / Orange Airport, France. By Tony "FAF720" Mezieres. 12.5MB
FS2004 LFOT Tours Val De Loire - France. By Tony "FAF720" Mezieres. 10MB
FS2004 Aircraft Carrier Wake FX Update. Units affected: ALL Hinson carriers (search 'Steve Hinson') . This file is needed for all the carriers I have built or reworked. Carriers normally do not sit still when engageed in flight operations. The boat makes a huge wake. I FORGOT, [dummy me], to insert a wake FX file in the master folder for each named carrier I have developed using Paul Clawson's USS Stennis CVN-74 source files, with his exclusive written permission, email on file. Every time I trap something looked wrong. Then I flew off the original Stennis, it is easy to see the wake effect. I am sorry I forgot this. the XML sheet is already coded with the wake fx. A large wake FX will now appear under the entire length of the ship. It is a great FX. Steve Hinson. 3K
FS2004 Ramstein, Germany GA/ Military Traffic. AI Little traffic for Ramstein (ETAR), with old aircrafts and military aircrafts. 6 no realist AFCAD include.All instructions in the file.By Jean-Jacques Parel. 231K