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FS2004 Yakovlev 52 "a Damn Fine Red" Textures only. This is a repaint is of a YAK-52 built by Redstar Aviation including nose art.(redstaraviation.com.au). Owned by Peter Bernardi. Repaint by Mick Sinclair. Requires John Carter's original aircraft here. 885K

FS2004 Curtiss P-40Q Racer/Sport Aircraft Post-war civilian version of Curtiss's last attempt to improve the famous P-40 series. Although Curtiss did a fine job, the P-51's and others were already proving themselves. This post-war version is based on the one which flew at the '46 National Air Races, and appears as it might in the '60s or '70s. Model includes Virtual Cockpit, reflective texturess, and full FS2002 ani's. 2.4MB


FS2004 North American T-6G Texan Package. All moving parts, Virtual Cockpit, 3 LOD visual models and two liveries. Panel by Johan "VIPER" Lemmers. By J.E.Narcizo - RanchoJEN. 10.5MB Filename: nat6g.zip
FS2004 N.A. T-6G Esquadrilha da Fumaca Textures only. Repaint of RanchoJEN North American T-6G. Requires NAT6G.ZIP above. By J.E.Narcizo - RanchoJEN. 772K
FS2004 N.A. T-6 F-AZBE Textures only . Repaint of RanchoJEN North American T-6G. Requires NAT6G.ZIP. By J.E.Narcizo - RanchoJEN. 870K
FS2004 Boeing B-29B Superfortress Base pack. The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was very close to every aviation engineers dream back in the late thirties and early forties of the 20th century. She was designed to fly higher, farther, faster, safer for their crews and with more damaging payload than any other plane before in the history of mankind. And she did those tasks well. Visual model by Tom Kohler based on previous freeware source from various designers - huge credits included! Accurate, 'hand flyer' Flight Model by Tom Kohler, built using Flight Model Workbook version 2.84.40 from mudpond.us and based on the 1% B-29A flight model from Gregory Pierson from avhistory.org. An Installation 'Wizard' will help you install the Multi-resolution GMAX model, including clickable virtual flight deck - NEW with flight engineer compartment, fully animated. Reflective textures with dynamic shine also in the VC, gauges from Microsoft CFS2, backlighted VC gauges, custom effects, HTML Checklists and Documentation. Sound package originally from Skysong Soundworks (b24snz.zip by Aaron R. Swindle). By Tom 'Gnoopey' Kohler, Graham of VB planes, Christophe Rosenmann, Gregory Pierson & Jerry 'Sparks' Beckwith (base flight model and tools), Kirk Longendyke (2D panel bitmaps), Troy Corwin (textures), Hermann 'Krazy' Boltz (3D effects) and finally 'Sir' Milton Shupe himself (tutoring and custom radial engine startup effects). 28.3MB. Filename: B29B_910.zip
FS2004 Boeing B-29B Superfortress (mania) ... lite MDL & AI extension package. Adds various lower resolution VC options for slower computers as well as two different AI built MDL's. All MDL's are built from GMAX and are of type multi-resolution for maximum frame rate friendlyness. File 'B29B_910.zip' (above) is required! By Tom Kohler. 17.6MB See patch below
FS2004 B-29's of the 509th CG addon pack. Superfortresses of the 509th Composite Group were operating the first nuclear bombs in the history of mankind. Package contains one specific 3D model of the Silverplate builds, used by the 509th, built at Martin-Omaha; a specific flight model, seven various liveries of Enola Gay, Bockscar, The Great Artiste and Straight Flush. Package does NOT contain gauges, 3D effect files, panel and sounds. Those are included/aliased in/to the base package of Superfortress 'Mania'. 'B29B_910.zip' (above) is required. By Tom Kohler. 17.4MB
FS2004 Douglas TBD-1 "Devastator" The TBD-1 was the US Navy's main - stay torpedo bomber in the late 1930's into the early stages of WW2. This model is painted for the CAG of Torpedo Squadron VT-2 assigned to the USS Lexington in 1939. It has the usual animations plus a retracting rear gun, folding wings and operating tail hook. It has a specular color shine, Landing and Nav lights. The 2D panel and Virtual Cockpit are based on a photo. By Paul Clawson. 644K

FS2004 Short S.25V Sandringham. The Sandringham was a civil conversion of the WW2 Short Sunderland maritime patrol flying boat. Liveries for BOAC, Norwegian Air Lines, SAS and Aerolineas Argentinas included. By Jens B. Kristensen. 6.2MB