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  Vintage Page 53
FS2004/2002 P-51D #473 Audrey. AUDREY 4th P-51D 473 Captain Mike Yannell claimed eight victories while flying AUDREY 4th with the 360th Fighter Squadron, 356 Fighter Groupe at Martlesham, England. Model & textures by J R Lucariny. 1.7MB
FS2004 Junkers JU-87B-2 Stuka. This aircraft was made to fly under CFS2, and has been converted to fly under Flight Simulator 2004. Original Designers:- Mike Colclough and Gerald Keagan. R. Brissac. 1.9MB
FS2004 Ghost Of The Pacific Fleet. Enclosed are 3 complete Aircraft created for fun Ghost Of The Pacific Fleet Of WW 2 Textures Created by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks Original aircraft Are CFS2 Stock modified for 2004 & painted in transparent textures. 6.2MB
FS2004 Spitfire MK Ghost Textures See through Created just for fun by Mark "fire Ball" Rooks Original aircraft by Murray Pavy. 3.6MB
FS2004 Antonov AN-2T 'ANT-1' Textures only. First appearing in 1947, the AN-2's was first dismissed as obsolete, due to it's biplane layout and homely looks. But the "Annushka" would prove the naysayers wrong.... and how! The biplane layout proved itself, and there wasn't much the AN-2 couldn't do, whether as a passenger, cargo, parachuting, crop spraying, or spec ops plane. Over 20,000 were produced, mostly in Poland. Not bad for an "obsolete" design. This AN-2T textured to represent an aircraft belonging to the Greek TV Channel 'ANT-1' during the 'Archangel 2005' Air Show at Tanagra (Athens). Requires the model by Tim Conrad (here). Repaint by Manuele Villa. 768K

FS2004 Updated Republic P-47M-1 Base Package v2. The Republic P-47M-1 was the fastest of the production Thunderbolts built by Republic based on a design from Major Alexander de Seversky. - from http://www.cradleofaviation.org/history/aircraft/p-47/1.html - "In April of 1939, the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt had the distinction of being the heaviest single engine fighter to see service in World War Two. Parked alongside any of its wartime contemporaries, the Thunderbolt dwarfs them with its remarkable bulk. Despite its size, the P-47 proved to be one of the best performing fighters to see combat. Produced in greater numbers than any other U.S. made fighter, the story of how it came to exist is at least as interesting as its many accomplishments. Visual model by Tom Kohler based on Microsofts CFS3 SDK sample - huge credits included! Accurate, 'hand flyer' aerodynamic Model by Tom Kohler, built using Flight Model Workbook version 2.84.50 from mudpond.us and based on the 1% P-47M-1 flight model from Gregory Pierson from avhistory.org. An Installation 'Wizard' will help you install the Multi-resolution GMAX model, including clickable virtual cockpit, fully animated, reflective textures with dynamic shine, gauges from Microsoft CFS2, backlighted VC gauges, custom effects, HTML Checklists and Documentation (enhanced with various pages from original Pilot Operating and Training Manuals) as well as droppable tanks. Texture mapping is very close to the original CFS3 version by Microsoft so that repainting can be done easily with the existing templates. Existing repaints should match and should produce best results if an alpha channel would be added. Sound package included in this Thunderbolt release by Peter J. Dowling. Flight envelope modeling by Tom Kohler, Gregory Pierson & Jerry Beckwith; custom effects by Hermann 'Krazy' Boltz, and last but in no way least; Milton Shupe (tutoring and custom radial engine startup effects as well as fixing the undercarriage behaviour and heading the beta testing etc.). The present archive contains two (2) different 3D models and two different 3D and 2D panels and includes a 'bare' aluminium base texture set. DXT3 as well as high resolution 888-type 16-bit textures are included. Addon Texture sets will have to be activated for full usage by hand (instructions included). By Tom Kohler. 27MB

FS2004 Republic P-47M-1 base package - PATCH #88 contains the fixed model.cfg in distribution 'P47M_910.zip' to cure the not showing modern panel version. Ever decreasing time to market phenomen. I have to apologize for any inconvenience! By Tom Kohler. 10K

FS2004 Republic P-47M-1- Additional texture set for P-47M-1-RE - base pack file 'P47M_910.zip' above. Depicting six aircraft from the famous 56th FG - Zemke's Wolfpack - Boxted, autumn 1944. 'Kill marks' are omitted on purpose! John 'Ace' Drummond, 405th FG 'Raid Hot Mama' - Nose art used (with permission) from http://www.bombergirl.com/ ! By Tom Kohler. 14.9MB
FS2004 North American T-6 "Texan" - Aeronautica Militare Italiana Textures only. - R.V. 1a Regione Aerea This textures set in 'Aeronautica Militare Italiana - R.V. 1a Regione Aerea' (Italian Air Force) livery requires the original FS2004 USAAF North American AT-6F "Texan" package by Dennis da Silva (here) . Installation instructions are included. Repaint by Manuele Villa. 642K
FS2004 North American T-6 "Texan" - Aeronautica Militare Italiana - R.V. 3a Regione Aerea Textures only. This textures set in 'Aeronautica Militare Italiana - R.V. 3a Regione Aerea' (Italian Air Force) livery requires the original FS2004 T-6G (LT-6G) Texan 'MOSQUITO' USAF 49-3542 (cp-t6g.zip) by Cliff Presley and Denis da Silva (here). Installation instructions are included. Repaint by Manuele Villa. 749K

FS2004 Vultee V1A. The Vultee V1A was a fast, single-engined airliner of the mid 1930's. American Airlines was the main user. By Jens B. Kristensen. 5.7MB