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  Vintage Page 69
FS2004 Bristol Bulldog. The Bristol Bulldog fullfilled an RAF role of single-seat daytime-nightime fighter. It became the mainstay of the RAF forces up until 1936. The Bristol Bulldog has an all metal fuselage with a fabric covering. This model comes with 5 liveries, No VC. Model By Chris Herring. 3.2MB
FS2004 Stinson 108-1 Voyager The Stinson 108 was produced in large numbers from the end WW2 into the 1950's. It had excellent short field performance becaused of a slotted wing and was very popular with the Flying Farmer community. This FSDSv3 project has the usual animations, landing and nav lights, and transparent glass. The 2D panel and VC are based on real photo's. The VC has working gauges and moving controls. By Paul Clawson. 824K

FS2004/2002/CFS2 Seafire Mk 17 Package: This version Mk.17 was powered by a 1850hp Rolls Royce Griffon VI engine giving it a maximum speed of 383 mph at 13,500 ft. It was armed with two Hispano 20mm cannons, four 0.303 in Browning MGs and up to eight rockets or 500 lb of bombs mounted beneath the fuselage and wings. This late production Seafire variant had a distinctive look, and impressive performance. To late for wartime service, it served till 1954 with the Naval Reserve Units. Original GMAX source included. Made for CFS2/FS2000/2002/2004 with new airfile, Dp, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 10.1MB

FS2004 Couzinet 70 Arc en Ciel (Mermoz) updated, complete package version 4. This a the 4th version of my Arc en Ciel package, with a reworked texture, multiple details added to the plane (antennas, landing lights, the legal "F" on the elevator ...), prop hubs fixed (size and transparency),interior details, opening door ... Includes the custom panel (an original bitmap by me) inspired by the only photo of the real one. The Arc en Ciel (= Rainbow in French), piloted by Mermoz, entered the legend by its direct postal flight across the South Atlantic on jan 16th 1933. And then by many other flights between Europe, Africa and South America. Mermoz used to say that the Arc en Ciel was definitely his favorite plane, with its so particular design and its exceptional performance for this time. Once again, credits to Jens Winkler for the pilot and seat and to Vladimir Zhyhulskiy for the initial JU52 flight model. Designed by Pat Grange. 7.9MB
FS2004 P51D 'Glitter' Original model by Robert "Hawk" With Christmas coming fast, this P51 is ready. Snow chains on the tires, a festive glitter livery and even transparent propr with logo. All we need is the pilot dressed in Fathers Christmas gear and a long white bear. Xmas scheme repaint by Francis F Silva on the beautiful model of a P51 by Robert Hawk. 4.5MB
FS2004 Spitfire Mk.VIII & Mk.IX. Several variations : Mk.VIII, 43 Sqn., Bron ( Lyon ) France, 1944; Mk.IX, 421 Sqn., Kenley, June 1943; Mk.IX, desert scheme; Mk.VIII, USAAF desert scheme; Shift-e opens and closes the canopy and pilot's door. Designer: Chris Lampard. Panel required (one here)/ Alpha Simulations. 5.8MB
FS2004 Civilian P51D Mustang Package. (External download link) VC (Virtual Cockpit), special Effects and unique sounds. Civilian P51D powered by Packard Merlin V-1650-7. Designed with FSDS3 with all the usual animations and clickable smooth mdl gauges, levers switches knobs and wiz bangs plus Some really cool effects. Aircraft model by Warwick Carter - artwork/textures by Garry J. Smith Aircraft only available at: http://www.gjsmith.net/Textures/P-51D.htm
FS2004 Lockheed Constellation TAP. Gauges and special effects for ADSMATS1 by: Rey Lopez and Laurie Doering. Panel by Louis J Betti. Textures by Francis Silva. (RSDG). 15.9MB
FS2004 P51 Mustang D " Gunfighter " Piloted by Brigadier General Reg Urschler. Care and upkeep provided by a dedicated crew from of volunteers in Bellvue, Nebraska..This is a Complete Aircraft. Original by Roger Dial Textures By Mark "Fireball" Rooks Of RSDG. 4.1MB
FS2004 P51 Mustang D "Wallis Reno Racer" From the Wallis Aviation Stable of Great Fast and Agile Aircraft ..The P-51 Mustang’s at Reno Reach Speeds in excess of 400 MPH This is a Complete Aircraft ..Original by Roger Dial Textures By Mark "Fireball" Rooks Of RSDG Of RSDG. 4.1MB