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Civil Jets Page 26

FS98 Continental Boeing 737-700, high quality. File size 300029. B Quayle, R Hidd

FS98 Nene Airlines Boeing 747-400 with moving parts. File size 95105. B Anderson, W Wilson

FS98 Iberian DC 10 with Eric Ernst panel. File size 598262.

FS98 Air Europe VA A310-300. File size 211743. B Quayle, K Clarke, T Ayub,

FS98 TAESA Lockheed C140 Jetstar. File size 74664. R Llano, E Johnson

FS98 Air Madagascar Boeing 767. File size 149577. E Rabe
FS98 El Al Boeing 737-800. File size 36017, (a bit low). C Valliquette, B Quayle, G Eisner

FS98 Lear Model 90A. Fictitious Lear capable of Mach 2 at 70,000 ft. File size 1334138. T Snapp

FS98 Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 with moving parts. High quality. File sixe 233595. M Rafi

FS98 amercan airlines MD 83 with moving parts. File size 184071. B Anderson, G Carlson Updated .air file