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Civil Jets Page 40

FS98 Mexicana Boeing 727, high quality with moving parts. File size 182684. E Urquieta, R Woodruffe

FS98 Boeing 767-400ER in house colors, high quality with moving parts. File size 195507. C Valliquette

FS98 Schreiner Airways (Cargo) A300-B4 with moving gear & flaps. File size 141969. B Quayle, C Schoeni

FS98 Pelita Air Service, Indonesia Fokker F100 with moving parts. File size 149021. OMC'99

FS98 Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD-81. High quality model. File size 309367. E Schlatter, R Beaud, K Simmelink

FS98 Canadian Dornier Do 328 with nice quality textures. File size 122239. F Di Candia, S Boland

FS98 Northern Air Cargo Boeing 727-46 with movinf parts. File size 158431. B Quayle, S Kempf, F Zoja, J DeCesare
FS98 Japan Airlines Next Generation SST2007 "Yuka II". A member of the next-generation SST2007 series with moving flaps, landing light and gears, and far
more enhanced flight dynamics which now enable a stable flight up to around 1,820 knots at about 16,000 ft even in autopilot flight. The SST2007 is a next-generation SuperSonic Transport to show up in the year 2007. A not-yet-to-come future configuration aiming at the maximum operating speed Mach 2.7, seating capacity for 300 passengers, and range 14,000 km. By Shigeru Tanaka. File size 140573

FS98 El Al Boeing 777-299 in new livery. File size 116508. B Alderson, D Cougar

FS98 Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 Series. Includes 6 Delta 767-300's: N117DL 767-332 GE engines (old colors), N131DN 767-332 GE engines (old colors withOlympic Games stamp), N181DN 767-332ER P&W engines (old colors), N129DL 767-332 GE engines (new colors), N155DL 767-3P6ER GE engines (newcolors/black radome), N178DN 767-332ER PW engines (new colors). AF99 rework of the Bill Alderson original. Completely reworked and detailed landing gear, round engines, 3D textured engine pylons, modified tail plane. Revised flight dynamics. File size 1035756. B Alderson, N Cramer