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Civil Jets Page 46

FS98 USAF Boeing 727-200 with moving parts. File sze 98584. B Quayle, F Zoja, S Kempf, J Decesare


FS98 Swissair DC-8-62 from early to mid 1070's. File size 132419. K Simmelink, F Zoja, R Zimmermann

FS98 Jersey Europe BAe 146-200. File size 66399. B Alderson, T Madge

FS98 Rogue Air DC10-50 with moving parts. File size 93751. B Alderson, J Youngken

FS98 Western Airlines Boeing 707-347C from the 1960's. File size 95601. B Alderson

FS98 Sabena A330-200 with moving parts. File size 64282. C Valliquette

FS98 Alliance Air Boeing 747SP (Long range) with superb textures. About as good as you'll find in 1999. File size 301285. M Bianchetti

FS98 Project Orbis organisation, aimed at aiding blindness prevention worldwide, DC-10-10 with ful moving parts. File size 127345. J Lung, Freeware Works

FS98 North West A320 with moving parts. File size 146976. K Simmelink, B Herbert

FS98 Hawaiian Air DC-8. File size 200820. K Simmelink, F Zoja, R Zimmermann