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FS98/FS2000 Qantas 747-238B VH-EBA "City of Canberra" was delivered on July 30, 1971. It is the first 747 delivered with 10 upper deck windows and a lower deck lounge located in the cargo hold. FDE by Alessandro Dallago. Model by Bill Alderson. Paint by Chris Shelly. 70K

FS98/FS2000 Boeing 737-400 House Colors The 737-400, a straightforward derivitave of the model 300, was formally launched in June 1986. This aircraft represents the first -400 in its rollout colors on Jan. 26, 1988. Original model with high quality textures.By Kenneth Pardue. 76K
FS98 TWA DC9-31 1974 color scheme Features 12-sided fuselage, moving parts, accurate color scheme, customer-correct window layout, and working lights. Registration N982PS. Visual model and paint by Bruce Bridges, flight dynamics by Sam Chin. 82K
FS98 B747-400 Korean Air REAL ROUND BODY.Moving parts:landing gear, high speed aileron,spoilers and flaps. Flaps are made each one of three sections as in real life and slide backward (not only rotate).You can see the movement from inside the airplane too!!. Night lights effects By Sandro Bernardini. 87K

American Arline Fokker 100 Night Lighting This one will be the last update with night lightning (day and night textures apply automatically depending on the time of the day you fly) and all the futures you founf in the previous versions. Work as a single file, no need to download the previous versions. By Pascal Linder. 900K

British Airways DC-10-30 FS2000/FS98 By: Aziz R. Palas Features: Rotating Engine Fan Moving Landing Gear Moving Flaps Moving Spoilers Moving Ailerons Moving Elevators Transparent Cockpit Window 3D Wheel & Textures Auto Land Enabled Smoke System Enabled Landing Lights 3D Body Parts Smoke System Enabled Moving Rudder Dynamic Aircraft Performance With FS2000 & FS98 Land Me Enabled For FS98 ( No Use Of Land Me In FS2000 ). 109K

FS98/FS2000 South African 747-244B ZS-SAN "lebombo" was delivered on October 22, 1971. This is South African Airways first 747. It is still in service today. FDE by Alessandro Dallago. Model by Bill Alderson. Paint by Chris Shelly. 139K
All the Airbus A330/A340 deriviatives, by Yannic Cathalina An all-in, no nonsense, 97% accurate package for FS2000 including all 21 versions of the Airbus A330/A340 series currently in airline service in an all white color scheme, for you to repaint. They feature: - very accurate moving control surfaces and landing gear - transparent cockpit windows - 512x512 16-bit BMP textures on the fuselage, tailfin, and wings - 3D-intakes with spinning fanblades - Extremely accurate visual model and flight dynamics - The A330's also have a steering nose gear This package includes these 21 planes: The Airbus A330-202, -223, -243, -301, -321, -322, -323, -323E, -341, -342, -343, and -343E. The Airbus A340-211, -212, -213, -213E, -8000, -311, -312, -313 and -313E. Repainting instructions:: The "oversized" (258 kb) AF files in the texture folders are simple BMP format files. All you have to do is add the .BMP extension to the file to be able to edit them. For example, change Airbus_a.0af into Airbus_a.0af.BMP and it is are ready to be repainted. 826K


FS98/FS2000 Iberia 747-256B IC-BRQ was delivered on January 4, 1972. It was the first 200B delivered to Iberia. FDE by Alessandro Dallago. Model by Bill Alderson. Paint by Chris Shelly. 112K