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Bomardier Global Express Regional/Corp Jet-Bombardier Global Express. FS98 Panel. Highly accurate panel that features: HSI ARC and ROSE, Stall and Overspeed warning lights, Radio Altimeter, No Smoking and Fasten seatbelt switches, Moving Map mode, and Panel Switches to operate the MFDs. All instruments are lighted at night. Designed in 800x600 mode, tested in all modes and 3Dfx. Makes a nice panel for any Bombardier/Canadair RJ. By Paul Schwerdtfeger.File size 548834
Boeing B17 Flying Fortress FS98 panel for the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress. By Dave Haskell photoreal with IFR capability File size 1270773

Hercules C-130J FS98 Panel-C-130J panel v/4 by David Giles. Everything v3.0 had plus: New 3D HUD* ADI by Chuck Dome! Adds HUD flight director (ILS) and HUD now a separate display. Modifications to all panel displays. Modified color weather RADAR. Many new added gauges. Based on photos of actual panel. *Includes 2 HUD options for 3D and non-3D video cards. Version 3.0 had over 2,200 downloads at flightsim.com alone. Tested in all modes and 3D.(C 130) File size 789597
SR71 Blackbird THE LOCKHEED SR71 BLACKBIRD - PLANE & FS98 PANEL By Phil Perrott File size 793092
McDonnell Phantom F4 THE F4 PHANTOM PANEL FOR FS98 By Phil Perrott File size 719367
Piper Cherokee P140 FS98 Panel 1967 Piper 140 Cherokee This panel is my own design based on photos and other sources.Non original equipment in the form of "on panel" elevator trim control is added for convienience.Control Yokes are also selectable.By J.L.Stubbs File size 693882
McDonnell Douglas MD90 FS98 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Panel. This panel is built with a photo of the real cockpit. By Matthias Lieberecht. File size 431158
Boeing B52 Stratofortress MSFS98 B-52 Stratofortress Panel Created by Damien Decaix Original panel by Phil Perrott (and Stratpnl.zip by Damien Decaix) Best viewed 1024x768 resolution This panel displays a more modern version of the B-52 cockpit. Although not 100% correct, it is realistic. The MFD can be switchable from weather display to HSI. Includes GPS, large visibility and night lighting. File size 398420

Airbus A340 Very High quality panel. Contains 2 shareware Real CRT gauges. Optional freeware gauges (not CRT) included. File size 2023017. R Chaffin

Service pack - offers freeware Arc gauge & panel.cfg file to replace the shareware in the original panel. File size 252425

Lockheed Lightning P38 CFS instrument panel for the P-38 Lightning. Works also with any twin prop aircraft. By Chuck Dome.File size 245415