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Props Page 12
FS98 ZetAir Islander BN2B-20. High quality model. File size 331573
FS98 Piper Warrior 2 P28 161. File size79818

FS98 Piper Cub, moving parts with panel. File size 695111
FS98 Cayman Cargo Douglas DC-6C File size 149776
FS98 Dornier 228-200 (Olympic Airways). The workhorse of Olympic Aviation (subsidiary of Olympic Airways) for Greek regional destinations requiring STOL capabilities, or ambulance flights. The company's five Dornier 228 have been connecting some of the remote Greek islands with Athens since 1985. By Spyros Diamantis.File size 204278
FS98 Cessna 172 Skyhawk.FS98- Cessna 172 N7687G Flown from Billy Mitchell Airport in North Carolina Re-painted by The Paint Works Original aircraft by Al Whitney. File size 97801

FS98 BA Hawker Siddeley 748. (1960 era) FS98 Hawker Siddeley\BAe HS748 British Airways By Harry Follas based on YS11 by S.Homma HS748 Panel by Matthias Lieberecht The HS748 began life as an Avro design. 1st flying in 1960 it had relatively successful sales, the final delivery being in 1988. Until recently, HS748s were used on British Airways short-haul routes in Scotland and West Germany. Package includes HS748 aircraft and RR Dart sounds, also photo-realistic HS748 panel by Matthias LieberechFile size 2500310
FS98 BSAA Avro 688 Tudor 4. fs98 Avro 688 Tudor 4 British South American Airlines 1948 By H. Follas Avro 688 Tudor 4 'Star Lion' of British South American Airways, 1948. The Tudor used wings from the Lincoln bomber together with an all new pressurised fuselage. Its short career was one of modification, accidents and changing customer demands. Six were delivered to BSAA, but the early loss of 2 aircraft in seperate crashes led to the remainder being used in a freight only capacity. File size 111678
FS98 Northwest Fokker F27 Mk200.FS98 Northwest Airlink Fokker F-27 Mk200 The F-27 Friendship, one of the most successful turbo-props ever built, had a seating capacity of 48, a cruising speed of 294 mph and a range of 1,665 miles. Aircraft registration N270MA flew for Mesaba Aviation, a Northwest Airlink feeder. FS5 version included. Original design by Tom Gibson, mods by Frank Safranek, mods and repaint by Michael Pickney. File size 130644
FS98 Liat (Carribean) de Havilland DH6 Twin Otter. High quality. File size 255876