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Props Page 22
FS98 FedEx Fokker F27 with opening doors. File size 126785. Brian Horsey Harry Follos
FS98 LuxAir EMB120. File size 103748. B Galixo

FS98 Beech Staggerwing, with panel. File size 2286365. R Parrick, T Miller
FS98 Spartan Model 7W Executive, Full pack. File size 2441694. Tom Miller
FS98 FS98 & CFS Moving parts Beech Super king Air 350. File size 107685. Chuck Dome
FS98 Fedex Fokker F27 500, moving parts. File size 93100. B Horsey
FS98 Avensa (Venezuelan) Convair CV440 Metropolitan. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 3596467. A Dorta, K Waugh, T Gibson
FS98 Air New Zealand Fokker F27 Mk 100, moving parts. H Follas, B Horsey

FS98 Safe Air, Cargo, Bristol 170 Freighter Mk 31 with panel. File size 1026576. E Lancee, H follas, B Horsey. Missing Txt file
FS98 Mooney 231 with moving parts. File size 69257. B Ellis