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Props Page 29

FS98 Beech G-17s Staggerwing, 1945. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 2401733. R Parrick, T Miller, A Lohrke
FS98 Wien Alaska Airlines DHC2 Beaver. Moving parts. File size 101231. R Young
FS98 Alaska Civil Air Patrol DHC 2 Beaver. Moving parts. File size 121217. R Young
FS98 Aeroflot Antonov AN24B. File size 53748. P Hvatkin
FS98 Sun Express DHC-6-100 Twin Otter with floats. File size 155692. B Blaisdell, J Borgstroem

FS98 Piper Aerostar 700P. Full pack with panel & full moving parts. File size 2692119. Matt Gary, S Small
FS98 Cessna C 210 Centurion. File size 136963. P Mandaga
FS98 ALM Antillian Dash 8-300 with moving gear. File size 120225. B Blaisdell, J Borgstroem

FS98 Maule Rocket 235 CSU. Full pack with moving parts, panel & sounds & GPS. File size 2086600. M Gary, S Small

FS98 Piper Saratoga II HP. Full pack with panel & sounds. File size 1700763. D Wasnich, A Rusli