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Props Page 32
FS98 Northern Air Cargo Douglas DC-6A. High quality with full moving parts. File size 278862. B Horsey, H Follas, T Gibson
FS98 Akroak Giles G-200 homebuild plane. File size 116808. M Maliniemi
FS98 Era Aviation dH DHC-6-300 Twin Otter with moving parts. File size 97800. B Blaisdell, F Sakranek
FS98 Douglas DC-3, Carribean Flights. File size 125624. J Kelley, S Cedeno
FS98 Cessna 152. Nice flyer. File size 77046. M Gary
FS98 1946 Canuk Model 80. File size 64218. M Gary

FS98 SAAB MFI-17 single engine "shoulder wing" airplane which is still in use by the
Danish Air Force as a basic trainer (T-17). Equipped with basic IFR instrumentation and a
CRT-GPS. File size 1033917. Dennis Wasnich, Jorgen Unschuld
FS98 ERA Aviation de Havilland DHC-6-3- Twin Otter with moving parts. File size 161545. B Blaisdell, J Borgstroem, R Young
FS98 United Airlines Douglas DC6-B Cloudmaster. High quality with full moving parts. File size 236470. H Follas, B Horsey, T Gibson
FS98 Zenith Aircraft Company's "Zodiac" CH 601 HD and HDS Super Sport are home build/ kit-built all-metal, low-wing, bubble-canopied, 2-seaters that can be built in a 1-car garage for about $25,000. Package contains 2 aircraft with moving parts & panels. File size 462078. P Hartle