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FS98 Piper Cheyenne III. This package contains the aircraft, a custom panel and turboprop sounds. The aircraft contains 12-sided structures, complete moving parts, landing lights, nav lights, working wing tip tanks and a custom flight model. The panel provides a world-wide GPS gauge. AFX file included. By Chuck Dome. Public domain. File size 1140498

FS98 Volpar Turboliner, All original Plane/Panel package by Dana McGee w/sounds. Thanks to Mike Hill, who gave me valuable help and encouragement. This is a tricycle geared, turbine update of the Beech 18, built by Volpar in the 70's. File size 3709880. Update - fixes some bugs. 127k

FS98 Piper PA 28-140 Cherokee Includes both aircraft and GPS panel. Aircraft/panel by Glenn Willumsen FDE by Sam Chin. File size 493401

FS98 amercain airlinse Super ATR72 Plane and Panel : Design by Bill Alderson Modifications/Paint/Moving Parts by David Durst. File size 1226750

FS98 Aircraft Piper Pa-42 Cheyenne III. Repaint of Larry Haines original Piper Cheyenne in the colors of Lufthansa Flight Training D-IOSE. The Aircraft has all the moving parts and landing lights. By Matthias Lieberecht. File size 113952

FS98 & FS2000 - FinnAir ATR-72 FS2000 FinnAir ATR-72 turbo-prop commuter airliner. Features AF-99 circles, moving parts, night lighting and landing lights. FS98 compatible. Checklist included. Based on original design by Bill Alderson, AF-99 rework & repaint by Jim Youngken. File size 50176

FS98 Royal Air Moroc ATR 42. File size 129769. J Visser


FS98 Beech T-42A Cochise aircraft and panel The T-42A is the military version of the Beech model 95-B55. In 1964, shortly before the introduction of the improved version C55, The US Army decided to buy aircraft of the model B55 and use them as its new IFR-trainers. The army received a fleet of 55 aircraft which was later enlarged to 65 machines. - aircraft by Gregor Gebel - panel by Dana McGee. File size 2007846

FS98 LAPA SAAB 340A LAPA Saab 340A, registration N72LP.- Includes retracting gear and rotating propellers. Original by Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton.- Painted and animated by Ignacio Sanguineti and Raúl A. Rodríguez. File size 90970

FS98 CONSOLIDATED PBY-5A AMPHIBIAN (Version 7) ZK-PBY of the Catalina Club of New Zealand PBY-5a Catalina amphibian ZK-PBY owned and operated by the 'Catalina Club' a warbird enthusiast group in Auckland, New Zealand. New version with rounded hull and blisters, full moving parts, now with steerable nose gear and moving ailerons. By Harry Follas, upgraded flight model by Brian Horsey. File size 316631