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Navigation & Flying Utilities page 1

JetVision 99 v1.6. Plots FS98 flights over the real world airways and waypoints database (all countries, all continents). Displays EFIS and BGL data, too. Prints in vector quality. Remote PC connection (RS-232) for simultaneous flight plotting. Many other features. Freeware with some restrictions. File size 2.5MB

Database for this program .(1.6MB)


FS98/FS2000 (see below*) FSNavigator: Flight Planner v 3.00, moving map and autopilot. FSNavigator v3.00 is an plugin for FS98 & FS2000. The Flight Simulator F9 key changes the FS face and FSNavigator is visible. The program connects to the flight simulator autopilot and you can fly to any destination of the world. The external program FSNavDBC creates the database from FS98 and all add-on sceneries. By Helge Schroeder. File size 4.7MB.

Download here

Random Weather generator. This neat little utility will create the unpredictable type of weather us pilots encounter in the real world. File size 14K

Wind Correction Angle calculator. File size 415K. K Schroijen

Flight Calculator V1.2 This is a Visual Basic conversion of my old BASIC program, ETA Utilily, and Flight Calculator. Features are saving the information that was calculated and Climb Speed above and below 10,000 feet as well as climb rate above and below 10,000 feet allowing for better time calculation. Also finds your Total Time, Cruise Time, and the distance out you should start descending. By Shane Johnson. 90K
Flight Data Recorder saves your aircraft's flight data to a file as you fly. After your flight, you can analyze the flight data file to see how well you performed. File size 141780. A Azofran, German Pardo H


Auto Land. FS98 - Lands any aircraft using the ILS system. File size 4340

Autoland 2000 is a simple adventure utility for FS2000/FS98 that will add autoland ability to virtually any third party aircraft, when using the autopilot's ILS "approach" mode feature. Autoland is being distributed as freeware. John Cillis 4K


EasyNavs 2000 navaids editor for FS2K/FS9x New version 1.5 Extract and edit ILS,VOR,NDB data from BGLs Compile navaids databases to stand-alone BGLs New version improving FS2K navaids range setting and correcting several bugs Full FS2K BGL navaids format now included in the accompanying text file (EN2K.TXT) Requires VB4-32 runtime files Freeware by Hervé Sors. 80K

PushBack This is the support application for Flight Simulator 98/2000 and based on Visual Basic 6.0. Only one PUSH of button, you can push back easily. Voice file is additional(Japanese voice only). 2MB
Super Flight Planner 2.8.0 Full Package. Advanced freeware Flight Planner, Moving Map, Scenery Viewer and Adventure Maker for FS95-FS98-FS2000-FS2002. Can create adventures using its own engine or, if you have it, for Radar Contact. Can export and import data to/from a lot of GPS's, Moving Maps and so on. By Alessandro Antonini, "theflyguy". 6MB.

Database for above with 50000 navaids & more. File size 580518

World UK Map for use with this program & Nav 1.8. V.2.00. Full UK map. File size 1196343