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Vintage Page 13
FS98 Pan Am Sikorsky S-42A. File size 147681. H Follas, B Horsey

FS98 Czech Spitfire, moving parts with panel. File size 257496. A L'Homme, B Stilz
FS98 P51D Mustang, Jumping Jack with moving parts, rotating wheels & sliding canopy. File size 141177. Upgrade for this file (56578). A L'Homme
FS98 Spitfire Mk XVI with moving parts, rotating wheels, sliding canopy. File size 82387. Upgrade for this file (176994) A L'Homme
FS98 Spitfire Mk II with moving parts etc. File size 362182. A L'Homme
FS98 RCAF Harvard. Full pack with moving parts. File size 3308976. B Trembley, B Krauskopf, M& G Taccoli.
FS98 Fieseler Fi186C2, reconnaisance plane WW2. File size 746736
FS98 Junkers JU 188-A2R. Only 3 built. Full pack. File size 2968621
FS98 Hawker Seafury. Modified for racing. Moving prop & gear, with sounds. File size 1746236. C Lampard
FS98 Shorts S30 Empire pack with panel & moving parts. File size 1757138. H Follas, B Horsey