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Vintage Page 8
FS98 USAAF Douglas C-39 (1939). File size 126576

FS98 TWA Douglas DC2 (1934) File size 124193
FS98 TWA Douglas DC1. The only DC1. File size 140280

FS98 Fiat G55 Centauro with panel. File size 613210

FS98 Fiat G59-A. Full pack woith sound & panel. File size 1734340
FS98 Fokker D.XXI, WW2. File size 172992
FS98 Shorts s.23 Empire Qantas. File size 135427

FS98 Shorts S.23 Empire full pack with sound & panel. File size 2177833. Alternative site
FS98 Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes 8 engine brave but futile attempt to build & fly the largest aircraft of the time. Can you get it up? For FSFS so use FS98 converter. Could use old prop panel too. File size 102354
FS98 Bristol Bulldog Mk 2A with panel. File size 618116