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Splash Screen Section - Page 6

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FS2002 Splashscreen of N252JS Gulfstream V. by Mark Dwyer. 305K
FS2002 Splashscreen of G-MAJE British Airways Jetstream 41 by Mark Dwyer. 320K
FS2002 Splashscreen of G-CEXI Channel Express A300 by Mark Dwyer. 204K
FS2002 Splashscreen of F-GPGC Bell Long Ranger III by Mark Dwyer. 293K
New Splash Screens for CFS2. There are 3 different "Splash" screens in this zip. Created by FFF_Barefoot Kevin McCloud. 923K
CFS2 Tribute Splash Screens of Major Gregory "pappy" Boyington of the VMF 214. There are 2 different "Splash" screens in this zip. And a big thanks to Nero "nightbaron" for the Pappy aircraft skin i used to take the screenshot! Enjoy!!!!!!! Created by FFF_Barefoot Kevin McCloud. 647K
CFS2 B-17 Splash Screen for CFS2! Created by FFF_Barefoot Kevin McCloud. 355K
CFS2 Tribute Splash Screen of Saburo Sakai! Warrant Officer Saburo Sakai is the most famous Japanese pilot and was one of the few high scorers to survive the war. Created by FFF_Barefoot Kevin McCloud. 373K

FS2002 "Red Arrows" Display Team Splashscreens A FS2002 splashscreen collection of sixteen varied screenshots taken during development to date of the REDPACK series of RAF "Red Arrows" aircraft. Includes four images of John Young's marvellous Scampton scenery, including his all-important Easter Egg. All pictures by Mark Beaumont. Find also a revised version of the single splashscreen uploaded in REDPACK7.ZIP, which displayed incorrectly on some users' computers. Now all you need is the screensaver from the "Red Arrows" own website at www.raf.mod.uk/reds/downloads.html, and you'll really be seeing Red! File name: REDSHOTS.ZIP. 3.8MB

Red Arrows set available here

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