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Aircraft Factory 99. FS98/CFS 1 Aircraft. AF99 is now 'out of print' but you may have some luck asking for a version on the 'Wanted' forum. or Aerodynamica.com

Aircraft Factory 5 Wing Maker V1.0a The easiest way to create wings and stabs, for AF5 and AF99 Designs. By A.Cini. 213K

The Aircraft Factory's Component Maker V1.0.4 A great Tool which will allow you a much faster creation of custom components, for AF5 and AF99 Designs. By A.Cini. 348K
Mover Pro V1.0.0 for AFCM. A useful Freeware tool for both AF5 and AF99 which will let you move, flip, mirror and rotate single parts and *entire* components around any point in space. It can also be run in Registered Mode, allowing the higher precision in Parts reworking given by the enhanced capabilities of AF99. The parts reworked in Freeware Mode can be used on both AF5 and AF99. Registration, a voluntary, not strictly required contribution, costs less than 5 US$ and it is not needed for Registered Users of AFCM. By A Cini. 220K
Texture Converter: texbmp2. Simple texture converter by Chuck Dome. 7k
AF to BMP Texture Converter. Easy to use utility will convert FS98 'AF' Texture files into BMP's ready for viewing & re-painting. Repaint tips included. Then simply convert them back to AF. File size 1863759. Update enables rotate of images. 12k
Tutorial in Repainting FS98 Aircraft - html page

AFP to CMP V1.0.0 for AFCM A very simple Freeware Utility for AFCM (above) which allows conversions of standard AF5 or AF99 Parts to AFCM Profiles. By A Cini. 197K

AF Units' Converter V1.0.0 The Free Utility you need for fast conversion of measures read from drawings in any Scale to AF Units. Especially dedicated to Registered Users of AFCM, it can also be used in Registered Mode to unlock more powerful features like the built-in Calculator and the possibility of getting the converted values already formatted according to the enhanced AF99 precision. By A Cini. 244K
BackUper for AF V1.0.0 The Freeware Tool you need to manage your Designs' files. Make backup copy of components and structures *with all their parts and templates* or delete them from your Project Folder with just a sigle click! For both AF5 and AF99 Designs. By A Cini. 249K

The Object Commenter A very simple and Freeware utility which will let you add or modify the comments of any AF5 and *AF99* part, component or structure with just two clicks. By A Cini. 198K

RPC - The Reference Part Creator V1.0.0 An AFCM Add-On which serves to visually format and convert either TPC-made or normal AF-made parts to valid AFCM Reference Parts. Thanks to this new stand-alone Tool there is finally no more need to follow tedious and complicated rules when creating RPs for AFCM! It can be run both in Freeware and Registered Modes for normal or enhanced precision settings. 314K
TPC - The Template Part Creator V1.0.0 A simple Tool which allows an easier creation of template parts (for use with both AFCM components and/or AF structures), using custom background images as visual references. It can be run both in Freeware and Registered Modes for normal and enhanced precision settings. For use with AF5, AF99 and AFCM. 565K
target="_blank">FSFS/AF99 texture converter. Converts aircraft MDL files created with FSFS or AF99 to use BMP textures. Repainters may then use 512x512 or 1024x1024 textures with these older aircraft. Works only in FS2000 and CFS2, but hopefully also in the upcoming FS02. Requires Visual Basic 5.0 drivers(here). By Chuck Dome. Public Domain. 22K
AF99 SCALING PART APPLICATION v1.1 : Application provides resizing and/or bending parts created by Aircraft Factory 99 or Aircraft Factory 5. Resizes your part by any (or all) of three axis : fore/right/up. Negative values rotate/bend part along one or more axis, beside scaling. Program keeps selected part unchanged, but creates new one. AF99 and AF5 precision options. By Petar Nedic. 347K

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