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Macros Page 15
CFS Scenery Macros "WWII Ships - API Macros" Part 1 for Combat Flight Simulator. This archive contains new additional Static Ships Macros for Airport 2.xx for creating Scenery for Combat Flight Simulator, converted from original Navy Macros for FS98 created by Dan Geis and Frank Foreman. Now. I have added a stock CFS Destroyer, Japanese Carrier and new textures for Battleship, Cruiser, Combat Support Ship and Destroyer, modified as most historically accurate texture with "wood deck", red waterline and helipads replaced by catapult, as to WWII ships. By Edmundo Abad. 260K
FS2002/4 Forest Service Lookout Tower Macro. This is my first attempt at creating a macro for scenery designers of FS2002. This highly detailed Forest Service Lookout Tower .api was created using EOD Version 2.0.59, January 2002 by Matthias Brueckner. Any and all comments are welcome - hope you like it. Author: M. Allen Richards. 1.1MB
Scenery design macro NHot hotel Simple hotel. Airport for windows. API,SCM & resource included. -Jimmy R Martin. 158K
Fire Macros. These macros place a raging fire with smoke effects wherever you place them. 1."Fire_10214" creates a fire that shows each day of the year, but only from 10:00 to 14:00, this way, you can create a scenery that wllows for fire-fighting, and if you time it that the fire-fighting aircraft arrives on target about 13:30, he has time to do a few "drops" and then the fire 'goes out", adding more realism and fun. Author: Danny Levin. 61K
FS2004-Scenery Macros Palms Trees. Two photo real palm trees with night lighting for your tropical sceneries. More to come. API, texture, and resource included. TEXTURE notification enclosed! Abacus FSDSv2, Paint Shop Pro 7.04. -Jimmy R Martin. 842K (see fix below)
FS2004 Scenery Design Macro jmtree3 Highly Detailed photo real tree with night spot lighting. 75W X 80H. Photo and design by Jimmy R Martin. FS2004 ONLY. API format. 348K (see fix below)
FS2004 Scenery Design Macro- Tree. texture and macro of an original tree design by Jimmy R Martin. Aloe tree. Natural Night texture. FS2004 Airport for Windows ONLY. 258K (see fix below)
FS2004 Scenery Macro jmhatpalm. Palm Tree Macro. Texture and macro by jimmy R martin. Night lighted. Resource included. Airport for Windows api. FS2004 only. 90K (see fix below)
FS2004 Scenery Design CORRECTED API'S TREES If you are having any problems with my trees NOT being transparent before this date - I forgot to code the api for transparent textures. Simply replace my former apis with these. Jimmy R Martin. 7K
FS2002 Tree Macros I needed a few easy-to-use tree macros for my own use and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I created these ones. They are a complete re-working of what I think are Gerrish Gray's original tree textures but updated as 16 Bit-444 extended bmps for FS2002. As such although I haven't used them (yet!) in any FS2004 scenery, I can see no reason why they shouldn't work fine. Roger Mole. 2.5MB