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Source codes for C++ FS98 SDK for VD Gauges management. Only for panel designers or developpers. Includes gauges ready to use and C source codes to build your own customized panels using RealCRT Gauge series. Allows full control of Navigation Display with Moving Map, PFD, EICAS. No technical support ! By Tony D'Ambrosio. . File size 230914
FS2002, FS2000, FS98, FS95, CFS, CFS2 WipeGauges 2002. This utility remove gauges unused by FS games. Allow scan, select, delete and backup all unnecessary gauge files. Preserve default gauges with customizable gauges list. By Felipe Torrezini. 2.2MB
FS98/2000 Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller v2.0 This program will allow you to remove and delete any aircraft (including the gauges files used by it) installed in your Microsoft Flight Simulator's folder. Note: This program will not delete shared-gauges files. This program is compatible with FS98 and FS2000. By: Manuel Ambulo. 2MB
FS98/CFS Gauges and Panel.cfg Uninstaller This an application that allow you to delete a "Panel.cfg" file with the gauges files used by it. Will not delete gauges used by other panels. This application was developed in Visual Basic. It doesnt require any file. By Manuel Ambulo . 2.9MB

FS98/FS2000 ACS-GPS98 GPS Gauges family, version 1.70 Fully programmable GPS featuring: - Up to 99 destinations or legs in GPS memory. - Tour or single destination mode. - Several arrival behaviors. - Two display modes for coordinates. - Compute and display distance to destination and ETA. - Feature precise wind drift compensation. - Include a customisable Data Manager, with full FS98. airports and Navaids database. - IPC shared memory block technology to communicate with external applications. - Full remote control via IPC channel, including simulation of power failure for panels with global logic. Package include: - 8 differents gauges to cover almost all aircraft types. - IPCTest.exe program. - Self-installing "exe" archives. - Tutorial to learn about panel edition. By Alain Capt / ACSoft Productions.


Simple instructions to add Alain Capts ACS GPS or the FS2K default GPS to any panel of your choice. By Steve Burnett. 113K


ACS GPS-98 (acsgps12.zip) Full featured programmable GPS. Up to 32 destinations in GPS memory. "Tour" or single destination mode. Several arrival behaviors (continue, circle, pause). Two display modes for coordinates (standard or FS98). Compute and display distance to destination and ETA. Include now a data's Manager extension to create and manage as many GPS programs you want. This Manager can be launched directly from GPS or from outside of FS98. Data's Manager include a full FS98 Airports & Navaids database which let you include destinations in your GPS program with simple mouse click's. V1 was primary designed for my multi-purpose 2 & 4 engines panels for airliners. V2 is a compact version of gauge V1. This stand alone package will install automatically two GPS implementations demo, ready to use, on standard FS98 Aircraft B737-400. Fully documented and, best of all, FREEWARE !!! File size 361823

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acsgpsu3.zip - ACS-GPS98 GPS Gauges, upgrade to V1.50. Will upgrade ACSGPS12.ZIP or ACS24e15.ZIP. INCLUDE ALL ACS-GPS98 gauges. Custom Bendix for Seneca, custom for Lear Jet, V1, V2 and the famous V3, interchangable with the FS98 Bendix XPNDR gauge (GPS + XPNDR). Wind drift compensation, true airspeed (TAS) precision improved. Data's Manager fully customizable. By Alain Capt. File size 294524


Database of intersections for ACS-GPS98. This file contains a database for ACS-GPS by Alain Capt. This database consists of intersections from fsnavfix.zip witch is offered on FSNavigator's home page by Helge Schroeder. So You are able to make Your flightplan with intersections of fsnavfix.zip in FSNavigator and program them in Your ACS-GPS. By Gerd Troester. 2.9MB

Mini GPS. "mini" GPS gauge for FS98 expanded from 5 to 10 waypoints. The gauge simply displays the waypoint name, its distance, a pointer and a button to cycle the waypoints. The 10 default waypoints will take you on a tour of the San Francisco Bay area. Included is a little utility (WPT10.EXE) that reprograms the waypoints. To showcase the gauge, I have also included a default Cessna 182S panel which uses it.. File size 150382

Weather Radar, giving course, OBS, DME distance.Weatherradar gauge ( Bendix/King ) by Guntram Strasser File size 190330

Simple GPS. Pointer, distance to next point etc. File size 70565 Masakazu Irie

Boeing 777 or Boeing 767/757 Checklist gauge. File size 52000 Mike Lyons

Mini GPS, giving distance, current position etc. File size 62202

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