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FS2004 Minimoa. The Schempp Hirth Goe-3 ' Minimoa ' was the first high performance glider of the world, which was manufactured in the series production. Between 1935 and 1939 110 pieces were built. Panel and plane were made by documents of the Dutch glider PH-848. Model by Wolfgang Piper. 1.3MB
FS2004 KA4. This is another superb model by Wolfgang Piper. It is a KA4 motor glider of which a few still exist in europe. 1.1MB
FS2004 Scheibe 25C-Falke. The first Scheibe Falke was built in 1963. It started with the A-Falke (25 hp) and the B-Falke (45 hp) up to today's C-Falke (80 hp). The FS models are fitted out with animated canopy, sticks, gear, wheels and a simple virtual cockpit, this version has Tricycle undercarriage. Full credit goes to Wolfgang Piper for this lovely plane. 1.9MB
FS2004 Bocian. A Polish 2 seat glider, first flight in 1952. It flew 29 world records within 13 years. With 500 kg flying weight it belonged to the heaviest 2 seat gliders. The FS model is suitable also for aerobatics. Thanks to Mathias Luther,a Bocian glider Pilot. He gave me some important notes about this airplane. Model by Wolfgang Piper. 909K
FS2004 DG-100, one seat glider for performance, first flight in 1974. This airplane in this time was called of many glider pilots as one of the most beautiful gliders of the Standard Class. The long tail unit lever arm provides for high flight stability. This model in Version 3 fitted with retractable landing gear. The panel contains the Cambridge Set by Max Roodveldt (total energy compensated variometers, a Cambridge L-NAV glide computer coupled to a Cambridge GPS-NAV navigation unit). Model by Wolfgang Piper. 896K
FS2004 Doppelraab IV. The Doppelraab IV glider was a training 2 seat glider from the 50's with only one control stick, which the teacher of the higher rear seat could achieve. 220 airplanes were built. Model by Wolfgang Piper. 843K
FS2004 KA4. The Ka 4 Rhoenlerche, or also because of its modest flight performance referred as ' Rhoen-Stone ' , made their first flight in 1954. The 2 seat glider has good-natured flight characteristics and simple handling in the training. Model by Wolfgang Piper. 896K
Thermal Scenery for FS2004. Adds thermals to a variety of locations, UK, Switzerland, and a few places in the USA. These are originally FS2002 files that I have tested in FS2004 and all seem ok. I have packaged them all into one file for ease of use. 250K

FS2004 ASK21. The ASK 21 was built since 1979 with over 650 pieces and is standard as a glider for the training today. The aircraft is robustly, flies himself easily and is suitable for aerobatics. Thanks to Thomas Häcker for his beautiful panel pictures and to Roland Stuck which helped me in many detail questions and to Max Roodveldt which programmed the instruments. The extra textures from this site are also included in this package. Model by Wolfgang Piper. 4.3MB

Update: Adds missing gauges. 502K

FS2004 ASH 25 is a double-seate glider of the open class with a variable span width of 25 m or 26.6 m with winglets. This FS model is designed in 25 m. Another superb glider by Wolfgang Peter. 1.2MB