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FS2002/2004 Africa 1 Soaring Scenery This file adds some thermals to default Microsoft Africa scenery : I.Algeria: .Houari Boumediene Airport(DAAG) - Algiers City. .Biskra Airport(DAUB) - Biskra City. II.Benim: .Cadjehoun Airport(DBBB) - Cotonou City. III.Botswana: .Sir Seretse KhamaAirport(FBSK) - Gaborone City. IV.Burkina Faso: .Onagadou Airport(DFFD) - Onagadou City. V.Burundi: .Bujumbura Airport(HBBA) - Bujumbura City. VI.Cameroon: .Nsimalen Airport(FKYS) - Yaondé City. VII.Angola: .4th of February Airport(FNLU) - Luanda City. .Lubango Airport(FNUB) - Lubango City. .Intermediate Point Thermals - S 11* 52´34.80´´- E 13* 52´46.80´´. Good Flights and better landings. By Francisco Vargas. 344K
FS2002/2004 Málaga-Granada Soaring Scenery This file adds some thermals to default Microsoft scenery for Malaga City Region,Spain: 1.Malaga City - Malaga Airport(LEMG). 2.Granada City - Granada Airport(LEGR). By Francisco Vargas. 1.4MB
FS2002/2004 Harris Hill, Elmira Soaring Scenery This file adds some thermals to default Microsoft scenery for Harris Hill(4N48) Region,New York,USA Good flights and landings By Francisco Vargas. 1.1MB
FS2002/2004 Sun Coast Spain Soaring Scenery These files adds thermals to default Microsoft Marbella,Spain, scenery Region : 1.Benalmadena City 2.Mijas City 3.Marbella City - - Elevation: 389 ft; 4. Marbella Gliderport(LEMB) 5.Torremolinos City - . By Francisco Vargas. 354K
FS2002/2004 Midlothian, Texas Thermals Scenery This file adds some thermals and asphalt runway to default Microsoft scenery for Midlothian,Forth Worth, Texas Region ,USA, home of Texas Soaring Association and are located at TSA Airfield(TX11) By Francisco Vargas. 523K
FS2002/2004 Arizona Pack2 Soaring Scenery These files adds thermals to default Microsoft Arizona,USA, scenery Region,for some Gliders airfields: 1.Coyote Springs City - Coyote Run Airfield(AZ86) - home of Prescott Soaring Society. 2.Mesa City - Falcon Field(KFFZ) - Home of Sky King SoaringClub. 3.Peoria City - Mc Gill´s Ultralight Field(2AZ7) - Home of Turf Soaring School. By Francisco Vargas. 54K
FS2002 Interplane Skyboy This is a Czech built ultralight. It is for VFR flying only. The Rotax 912 engine is by Byron Warwick and it is a marvel. His FSC file was used to convert from a tractor to a pusher engine. This model of the Flyboy has no flaps since that is the way the standard plane is built. This requires that you learn to land with throttle contol only. By Don Halcom. 7.1MB
FS2002/2004 Resende Airfield Scenery, Brazil. These files adds hangars,tower,antenna,apron and navigation aids to default Microsoft Resende scenery, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Good Flights and better landings It is freeware. By Francisco Vargas. 133K
FS2002/2004 Belgium Pack1 Soaring Scenery This file add some thermals to default Microsoft Belgium main gliders Airfield: 1.Antwerp City - Deurne Airp.(EBAW). 2.Brasschaat City - Brasschaat Army Airp.(EBBT). 3.Schaffen-Diest City - Schaffen-Diest Airp.(EBDT). 4.Balen-Keiheuvel City - Balen-Keiheuvel Airp.(EBKH). 5.Kortrijk-Wevelgem City - Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airp.(EBKT). 6.Namur City - Suarlee Airp.(EBNM). 7.S.Hubert City - S.Hubert AB Airp.(EBSU). 8.Liege City - Liege Airp.(EBLG). 9.Ostend City - Ostend Airp.(EBOS). 10.Goetsenhoven City - Goetsenhoven Airp.(EBTN). 11.Verviers City - Theux Airp(EBTX). 13.Tournai City - Maubray Airp.(EBTY). 13.Weelde City - Weelde AB Airp.(EBWE). 14.Hasselt City - Kiewit Airp.(EBZH). 15.Zoersel City - Oostmalle AB Airp.(EBZR). 16.Genk City - Zwartberg Airp.(EBZW). 17.Charleroi City - Brussels South Airp.(EBCI) . . By Francisco Vargas. 74K
FS2004 Spain Pack2 Soaring Scenery These files adds thermals to default Microsoft Montflorite,Spain, scenery Region : 1.Montflorite City-Montflorite Gliderport(LEMF - ICAO ficcional)-home of Club Nimbus de Vuelo a Vela. - RWY 13/31 Asphalt 1800x33 ft - Coordinates: N 42* 4´51.47" - W 04* 194´24.47" - elevation: 1653 ft; - Radio AIDS: - TWR - 122.6 MHz. - Facilities: 3 Hangars; 2.Fuentemilanos City -Fuentemilanos Airp.(LEFM) - home Club Aeronautico de Segóvia; 3.Ocaña City - Ocaña Airp.(LEOC) - home of Club Clavileno 4. La Cerdanya City - La Cerdanya Airp.(LEMB) - home of Club de Vol a Vela La Cerdanya; By Francisco Vargas. 107K