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FS98 The Schweizer 2-33 has been the much-beloved introductory trainer glider in the United States for many years. Instructors love the back seat in the summer, as it tends to be drafty, but are not as complimentary in cold weather. Includes panel. File size 316339. Capt Slug

FS98 Glider Lessons Pack. This is a series of lessons & situation files.

Lesson 1 (367k)

Lesson 2 (18k)

Lesson 3 (6k)

Lesson 4 (4k)

Lesson 5 (85k)

FS98 Grob 109, powered glider in RAF gliding school colors. With panel. File size 960248. C Bowe, L Olsson, G Vinet

FS98 Schempp-Hirth Discus. A standard class sailplane with a standard panel. All moving control surfaces, landing gear and canopy. Gauges include a TE-compensated vario. By Max Roodveldt. File size 423633
FS98 Paraglider, unpowered & controllable. File size 89228. Capt Slug

FS98 Aviasud Mistral 582 Ultralite, full pack with panel & sounds. File size 658275. H Van Deuren, P Notredame
Glider pilot's checklists for FS98. Contains takeoff, cruise, pre-landing and landing checks for gliders. These are the standard checks used by pilots in the United Kingdom and a few other countries. By Rick Davis. 2k

FS98 Hang glider especially for FS2K. File size 61049. Capt Slug

FS98 Schleicher ASW 20 BL Delta 2 Glider. A new version featuring more accurate geometry, full moving parts, 3D cockpit, animated pilot, more realistic performance, better handling in flight. Includes a panel with compensated variometers and a fully operational Cambridge L-NAV glide computer coupled to a Cambridge GPS-NAV navigation unit. Sailplane and panel by Roland Stuck, artwork by Jean Jacques Schoepfer and gauges by Max Roodveldt. File size 1185514

FS98 Hoogeveen Gliderport, Netherlands. File size 185590. O Cleveringen