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File Upload system Guidelines:


  • Please always credit original designer(s). Proper credits must be given in the description box.
  • Please ensure your email is included inside the file (to prevent copyright abuse - anonymous files are not posted)
  • Please Include your real name in the Upload form
  • Please try to use correct English & case (see existing files as examples).
  • See illustration below ...

Files not complying with the above basic requirements will not be approved.

Go to New upload page >>.

(You may still upload files the old way by going to this page )

The new system will carry on from the old and the 2 are blended - although the old files will not be in the new database. New files download numbers will be viewable in the description box - The old files download numbers will still be run from server stats and viewable here

Go to New upload page >>>

If you have any problems with the new system please report these & we will help you.

Many thanks