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FS2004 Airshow Pics Video. A series of screenshots put together in a video format. Daniel "Ravang" Kemmer. 3.6MB
FS2004--Video MiG-15:Man On Flight 01 Bear Studios MiG-15 Fagot In a formation flight with a china PLAAF song in 1970s Video By Bill Wolfgen. 37.7MB
FS2004--Video MiG-15:Man On Flight 03 Bear Studios MiG-15UTI Midget In a formation flight,cockpit operating,gun firing with a china PLAAF song in 1970s Video By Bill Wolfgen. 28.7MB
FS2004 Atlantica Brasil IFR Flight Video. This is a video produced by Atlāntica Brasil Training Center and shows a complete ATC IFR Flight online at VATSIM network. All the video is commented along with it“s reproduction. All the narratives and texts are in portuguese. The material inside this package was especially producted for use in Atlāntica Brasil Virtual Airline. The video can run in any player. Alan Zeidan. 12.8MB
FS2004 Cookies and Planes-Flight Video. Jacob Bednard. 31.5MB
FS2004 F-16 Dedication-Flight Video. Uses Kirk Olsson's F-16 Viper. Jacob Bednard. 21.1MB
FS2004 Arrow Sim Trailor-Flight Video. Jacob Bednard. 13.4MB
FS2004 F-14 Tigermeet Video. WMP-9+ ONLY. This is PER MICROSOFT. Tigermeet textures for F-14D Rev 4 of the USN Flight manual. which they never had Textures by Marshall Baker (C)2006 and Original Concept Design by Steve Hinson A Microsoft Windows Movie. Produced & Directed by Steve Hinson. 37.1MB
FS2004 & Orbiter Dead Stars SciFi Style Video! Music by Covenant. FS Aircraft available on Simviation. By Marc Dantuma. 42MB
Prelude Trailer A trailer for a 4 part series, featuring Lock On and FS9, scheduled for release Spring 2007. Music from By Marc Dantuma. 43.6MB
The Best of Helicopters : Real World video that shows the performance and the capabilities of the CH 47 Chinook , Hughes o50, and AH COBRA during an airshow. Uploaded by Nicola Piazzolla. 73.4MB

FS2004 Mile High Militia Video : My first video using a demo version of FRAPS. Highlighting the Colorado Air National Guard over Denver and the surrounding Rockies. I hear these guys buzz my house everyday so I thought I'd join in and see what the fuss was about..... Uses the F-16 by Kirk Olssen Created by Jason Barrett Colorado Army National Guard helicopter crewchief. 61.2MB

Super Flanker Movie This is a short movie I made using fs2004. It was made using Alphasim's SU-35/37 models and some custom flight models that I found on the web for free. Took about 2 weeks to complete. By Lenny Wilson. 27MB

FS 2004 Aviacion Comercial en Venezuela Video Full Version : A video that shows the most active airliners along the venezuelan territory, and some scenerys involved too. It was made using the platform of Flight Simulator 2004 and Fraps video capturer,(demo version), mixed with a legendary rock music from the 70's making a nice landscape. There are two versions of this video. Long version is about 67 mb in format 640 x 480 wmv file, while the short version is about 13 mb. 320 x 240 wmv file. This is the first edited video for this theme, and soon will be released a second part. By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 70.9MB

Aviacion Comercial en Venezuela Short Version. 16.7MB

FS2004 'Hog' Video - This is a small video displaying the ultimate awsomeness of the A-10. Hope you like it. Credits: Movie by Matthew Flegel, Aircraft by Aerosoft. 28.3MB
FS2004 Sukhoi 29 Airshow Video. : A video about the high capabilities of this famous aircraft. Shot in FS9! 49.2MB

FS2002/2004 Tupolev Tu-104 FSR Videos (Flight recording) (These must be installed & watched in FS2004/2002 as well as the aircraft installed - here) Uses Rey Lopez Tu104.

Tupolev Tu-104 From Singapore-EASTPOLE-Changi-Intl To Vostok-ANTARCTIC-Southern; 28.4MB

Tupolev Tu-104 From Vostok To Melodezhnayo ANTARCTIC-USSR. 7.2MB

Tupolev Tu-104 From Melodezhnayo-USSR To Wegner-Station-Intl ANTARCTIC. 9.8MB

Tupolev Tu-104 From Wegner-ANTARCTIC-Station To Quito-WESTPOLE-Ecuador-MS-Intl. 34.1MB

Tupolev Tu-104 From Quito-WESTPOLE-Ecuador-MS-Intl To Chicago-IL-MerrillMeigs-Terminal. 14.9MB

Kalon Jeffries

FS2004 Venezolana Flight Video Venezolana is the most recently created Airline in Venezuela, starting operations with a fleet of Boeing 737-200, with a nice special livery on its planes. This short clip, about two minutes, shows the aircraft YV287T in a flight departuring from Simon Bolivar International Airport Maiquetia SVMI, going to the venezuelan orient trough the Caribbean sea coast. It was made using Flight Simulator 2004 platform and Fraps Video Capturer. Format is 640 x 480 wmv file 37 mb long. Landscapes, engines sounds, legendary rock music and quality flight effects to enjoy it. By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 36.2MB
FS 2004 SVMD-Merida Video. Merida City is an amazing place in the Venezuelan Andes. This video relates a hard rainy day over the city and the airport "Alberto Carnevalli" almost closed to fly. But, from its mountains the "Virgin of the Snows", turns the wheater into a hard sunlight, and a very clearly day! It was made using Flight Simulator 2004 platform and Fraps Video Capturer. Format is 640 x 480 wmv file 49 mb long. Landscapes, engine sounds, legendary rock ballad music and quality flight effects to enjoy it. Repaints of Cessnas by Roberto Leiro, and SVMD scenery by Sydesigns. Video, concept and edition by Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 48.5MB
FSX F-14D Tomcat WMV FSX F14D .wmv debut of FSX Tomcat. Al credits at end of movie. Flight around St. Marteen Island and TFFG Airport. Music by American Military Band, Lee Greenwood & Aaron Tippin VF-14 Tophatters. 10:54 minutes long By Steve Hinson 34.7MB
FSX F-14D Tomcat .wmv 14 minute excellent movie of high definiton bitrate (512 kbps) CSB Audigy Sound Card, 24 bit, 96Khz, Dolby 5.1, Surround Stereo Rock by REO Seedwagon (two songs) Aerobatic display at M1.0+ over St. Marteen Island. Hold onto your helmets! STRAP IN TIGHT! By TomcatDriver a.k.a. Steve Hinson (C) 4/19/07. 56.5MB

FS 2004 IFP-Zuienkerke, Belgium Video With the slogan "Friends are made at Zuienkerke", and the music from "Top Gun" theme, this Flightsimmers club, Independent Flightsim Pilots, based at Zuienkerke-Belgium, shows a new promotional video and a way to feel its beautiful fleet. Live with them! This video comes in two versions, one in format 640 x 480 wmv file 103 size (, and the other in format 320 x 240 wmv file 17 mb.( The Video is 5:07 minutes long, being from the author criteria, a new era for the multi-tracking FS video edition. CREDITS: MODELS: C-46A and Convair CV-580 by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. Embraer Brasilia EMB-120 by Eric Cantu. Embraer ERJ-170 by Dreamwings. REPAINTS: All Independent Flightsim Pilots liveries by Juan Ernesto Oropeza.

Large Version 103MB

Small Version 17MB

FS2004 Video : Carrier Ops Marine Corps Style: Info: My 2nd video, this time about my beloved Marine aviation brothers whom I spent 5 years with. Credits: Aerialfoundry for their FA-18 Hornet. Alphasim for a rendition of CVN-65 USS Enterprise. And Simviation for making video sharing possible....thanks guys. Author: Jason Barrett Colorado National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk crewchief .. 59MB
FS2004 F-15 Simply the Best Video. My first video attempt using Coral F-15, Lock-On F-15 created with Fraps free version and Microsoft Movie Maker. Featuring MS 2004,Lock- On and set to music by Tina Turner. 14.1 MB by Alan Preece. 14.5MB

Fs 2004 Aeropostal 2006-2007 Video (Large Version) Aeropostal has been operating for more than 70 years in Venezuela with the most widely fleet in the country, with DC-9-31/32, Dc-9-51 and MD- 82/83 aircraft, and covering national and international routes along the whole America territory. This video comes in two versions, one in format 640 x 480 wmv file 82 size (, and the other in format 320 x 240 wmv file 14 mb.( The Video is 3:53 minutes long, including new video advances. Video, concept and edition by Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 81.5MB

Small Version. 14.1MB

FS2004 Christen Eagle II Airshow Video. My first attempt in artistical flying. It was fun to fly! The Resolution is 856 x 480 (16:9), 6min long, witch explains the size of the zip. Creator is Underworld Productions . 91.4MB
FS2004 CHiPs LA Police Chopper Video. Just a little joke about old series. only about 1 a half minutes long but high res. Credits UNDERWORLD Productions. 20MB
FSX Malibu32 motor boat video promo. Due for release by Deltasim. By Robert Waszkiewicz - Deltasim Studio. 65MB

FS2004 Aserca 2007 Video Aserca Airlines has been operating for 15 years in Venezuela with a fleet of DC-9-31/32 aircraft, covering national and international routes along the Caribbean territory, being still a young and growing airline. Aserca is changing its old livery to a beautiful red new one, including two advertising specially blue and green color liveries. This video comes in two versions, one in format 640 x 480 wmv file 65 mb. in size (, and the other in format 320 x 240 wmv file 14 mb.( The Video is 3:58 minutes long, including new multi-track video advances. Video, concept and edition by Juan Ernesto Oropeza. Large version 64.7MB

Small version: 13.6MB

FS2004 Megascenery Southern California Video. This Movie shows the payware addon Southern California v2 from MegaScenery, the Airports KLAX (Cloud9) and KSAN (FlyTampa). This is the revised Version of my film Southern California, First it was made in HD (720p and 1080i) but even the 720p version was about 250MB so I made this version. I hope you enjoy it. Producer: UNDERWORLD Productions. 79.7MB
FS2004 Random Scenes Video. This is a movie made with all the forgotten scenes my fraps directory contained. There is no special concept, just for fun. Hope you enjoy it. Producer: UNDERWORLD Productions. 61.2MB
Simviation's SimWorld Preview Video. This is the trailer for the new SimWorld Movie Collection, coming soon. Daniel "Ravang" Kemmer. Thanks to Clipper for the ideas. 6.2MB

SimV Sim Flight Training - Lesson 1 . This video is the SimV Flight Training Video for short-field take-offs. It follows the description at: Video by Michael Imhoff. 25.5MB

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