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FSX ATR 42-320 Myanmar Package Fps friendly full animated low poly model of the ATR 42-320 in all airline liveries of Burma. Air Bagan XY-AIB, XY-AIC, XY-AID and Air Mandalay F-OHRN. You can us it to fly by your self and/or for AI-Traffic. The model includes all the usual things as landing and taxi lights, dynamics shine and moving parts like moving gears, flaps and trim animation for the horizontal stabilisers. By HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto, Francisco Sánchez-Castañer. 10.1MB
FSX Mooney Bravo Bulldog Nation. This is a Repaint of a Stock Mooney For Flight Simulator FSX Painted in Red and Black for Bulldog Nation Textures by Rooks Silva Design Group ( RSDG ) Aircraft is entitled " Bulldog " Textures by Mark Rooks " Fireball. 3.3MB

FSX/FS2004 Piaggio P-180 Avanti Package. The Piaggio P-180 Avanti is a Luxury Jetprop. Its design is the result of a "thinking outside the box" project philosophy. It means that building techniques are standard while aerodynamics are unique for it's kind. It features a three lifting surface design, laminar flow wing and twin pusher turboprop configuration. Passenger comfort features the possiiblity of standing in feet inside the plane, low noise due to pusher propellers and "Pininfarina" designed arrangement. Performances are unique too, cruising at 395 KTAS (260 KIAS) at 28000 ft, a jet-like speed, being the P-180 a twin turboprop. The result is a 40% reduced operational cost respect to a jet of similar size, and 30% less respect to a similar size turboprop, all at same price of a small Jet. This model is 804 Kbs with c.a. 19000 polygons in c.a.170 assemblies. Features Clickable Dynamic Photortreal VC with Night Lighting, night lighted internals, Photoreal 2D Cockpit, Engine start Effect, advanced FDE, Customizable Payloads. Design & Artwork by Mario Noriega. 22MB
FSX Grob Tutor T1 Package. This is the upgrade of the original FS2002 Grob tutor by DG designs (Dave garwood). The upgrade was carried out by UKMIL with the kind permission of Dave Garwood. The upgrade gives improved performace and handling in FSX as well as a whole new panel and VC (Virtual Cockpit) Please note, due to limtis in the original model, we are unable to add fuselage serial numbers. The crew seating & cockpit layout is also opposite to the actual real aircraft as the pilot sits on the right side....., but on the left on in this model. These are limits we cannot fix. Modified by UKMil. 11.8MB
FSX Consolidate PBY-5A Catalina. Original model by Mike Stone, modified for FSX by Duane Tarbox. 1.7MB
FSX Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Air Caraïbes Textures for the default C208. This is my repaint of the default C208B Grand Caravan in the great Air Caraïbes Livery (rego: F-OIJO). Tried to make it as close to the real aircraft as possible. Changed the exhaust to be cleaner/shinier as well, just like the real Juliet Oscar. Textures by Amara Sok. 1.8MB
FSX Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Qantas "Outback" Textures only for the default C208. This is my repaint of the default C208B Grand Caravan in the fictitious Qantas Livery. I called the company "Qantas Outback", which I thought appropriate for the Caravan if Qantas had any. Great for bush flying around Australia. Removed the deicing boots on the wings and tails. Don't really need them in the heat of the outback. Textures by Amara Sok. 1.5MB
FSX Cessna C208B Grand Caravan RAAF Camo Textures. This is my repaint of the default C208B Grand Caravan in fictitious Royal Australia Air Force colors. The camo I used is the same three tone used by RAAF C-130s. Textures by Amara Sok. 1.3MB
FSX Cessna C208B Grand Caravan RAAF Grey Textures. This is my repaint of the default C208B Grand Caravan in the colours of the Royal Australian Air Force, in grey/low-viz. Textures by Amara Sok. 1.1MB
FSX AI Zambia Flying Doctor Service BN 2B Islander Version 3. This aircraft is used by Zambia Flying Doctor Service for Emergency Medical and Health Services throughtout Zambia. For further details refer to PDF Readme inside " About ZFDS " Folder.Model by Marcel Kuhnt This Repaint by: Bashir Ismail. 7.4MB