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Vintage Aircraft Page 10
FSX P51 Mustang D Miss America. This is a Repaint of Roger Dial's P51 Mustang D Modified For Flight Simulator X Aircraft is .. Entitled " Miss America " For over thirty years, Miss America has captured the hearts of millions of aircraft enthusiasts around the world."Miss AMERICA" has a wingspan of 32 feet, which is clipped for racing, compared to a "stock" P-51 that has a wingspan of 37 feet. "Miss AMERICA" is powered by a "racing" Packard built Rolls-Royce V-1650-7 "Merlin" engine that produces 3,000 horsepower in racing trim compared to 1,490 horsepower in stock form. "Miss AMERICA" can cruise at 240-250 knots, where as a typical Reno Air Race speed is 420 mph (+). This is a Complete Aircraft Modified By Mark "Fireball" Rooks. 7MB
FSX P51D Mustang Red Tail Devil. This is a P51D Mustang For FSX Entitled "Red Tail Devil" This is a historically Accurate Repaint of the P-51 Mustang flown by Colonel Benjamin O Davis Jr. Commander of the 332 Fighter Air group, which consisted of 2 bomber squadrons and the 99th and 100th fighter squadrons Better known as the Tuskegee Airmen or as the German’s called them The Red Tail Devils Enclosed is the complete aircraft File and historical documents of the Colonel’s plane and Fighter Group.. The Group was recently Bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor By Mark Rooks “ Fire Ball” . 4.1MB
FSX F-4F Wildcat Silver Cat. This is a F-4F Wildcat for Flight Simulator X . In a High luster Shine this Effect achieved with the use of a Modified Alpha Channel and Light Bending Process Formula 14..This Technique Created and Used by Rooks Design Group ( RDG ) Aircraft is entitled " Silver Cat " This Rugged Fighter was the mainstay of the U.S. Carrier born and land based fighter force in the early years of the Pacific war, Created for FSX by Mark Rooks of RDG . 7.6MB

FSX/FS2004 Levasseur_PL8 Package (Further Revised). Derived from the three-seater Levasseur PL4 (reconnaissance aircraft) of the Naval Aviation, the PL8 "White Dove" is especially built by the firm of Pierre Levasseur, for the raid PARIS - New York, envisage by Charles Nungesser and François Coli. It is under the direction of the chief of studies Emile Farret and the works manager Albert Longelot, that work for the realization of the PL8 was executate. Includes Virtual Cockpit. By Ronald "woodylepic"Dandurand. 10.7MB

FSX/FS2004 Antonov An-2 Wheel and Ski Versions Package. Legendary multi-purpose Russian biplane, the first creation of the legendary designer of Oleg Antonov, which much more has gone through the founder. In this version the transport version is submitted. It is mine 3 versions of creation of this airplane. The model is compiled in GMAX MDL - 2004 but almost is completely adapted for use in FSX, including russian original gauges, full animation (completely animation the pilots in exterior and co-pilot in VC), completely new model and VC, panel. The detailed manual for use of the given model and gauges. 3 new effects is applied. Author - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 6.8MB

Antonov An-2 Package Add-on Pack: Add to the main kit (file An2T.zip. Add textures for "Polar Airlines" and Russian AF (VVS), corrected texture for "Amur Airlines". Textures only. . Upgrade of lateral views (panel.cfg) and correction problem with Landing lights for FSX. 2.2MB

Winter Mod for Ski Version: Adds Winter clothing to co-pilot. 1.4MB

FSX Sikorsky S-38 Pan American Airways. Twin-engined amphibian. Reg #NC-144M was one of 38 S-38s operated by Pan American or its subsidiaries. S-38s flew the Caribbean routes from Miami to Cuba, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, and Central America. FSX model with reflective textures, animated gear and cabin/cargo hatches. Optional engine cowlings with F8 key. Landing lights and extra radio gear included. From the original FS2000 model by George Diemer. No VC. Adapted for FSX by: Eric Buchmann. 1.6MB
FSX Douglas DC-3 Awesome 4Some. Modification of the default DC-3 that includes 4 different models (DC-3 normal, DC-3 Viewmaster, DC-3 Cargo, and LC-47) Remodel includes higher resolution textures, unmirrored tail texture, and conditional appearance items. Paints included: NAC, NAC Freight, SPANZ, Fieldair, United Airlines and more. Requires default installation of DC-3. By James Eden, Jon Murchison & Microsoft/ACES. 52MB
FS2002/Fs2004/FSX Spitfire IX Trainer Package: This model flies perfectly in FSX, FS9, FS8. The Spitfire IX is powered by a RR.Merlin 1,575 hp engine giving it a maximum speed of 392 m.p.h. at 13,500 ft. After the war it was developped as a twoseater trainer. You get two models : TE308, flown as Nr 163 by the Irish Aircorps and PT462,flown as AS-W in North Wales. Complete model, airfile, effects and textures by A.F.Scrub. 10MB
FSX P- 40 RAF Desert 112 Sqn. This is a Re-paint of Krzysztof Malinowski's P- 40 For FSX. This is a accurate R A F112 th Squadron's Tomahawk .. Squadron No. 112th in Desert Camo The "Sharks" exchanged its Gloster Gladiators for the Curtiss fighter. No 112 Squadron became famous for its "shark's tooth" insignia on the engine cowling, and this scheme was later adopted by the American Volunteer Group in China Included is some historical pictures and history. This is a complete aircraft ..Textures By Mark ‘ Fireball ‘ Rooks. 7.2MB
FSX Paint Project P- 51 Mustang. This is a Repaint of Roger Dial's P- 51 Mustang For Flight Simulator FSX Created as a Blank Texture for Project Aircraft . A good starting point for any Mustang Project Created with easy to use Bit Map Files and easy to follow instructions on how to convert for FSX.. Textures by Mark Rooks of RSDG. 6.5MB