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CFS3 Modern Aircraft Page 1
CFS3 Mikoyan/Gurevich MiG-15bis Chinese PLAAF 079 Features: 1. New virtual cockpit with excellent POV with good orientation. In other words you get a sense of being inside the cockpit, enough of the cockpit frame, fuselage, etc is visible to keep your orientation correct. 2. New instrument panel. 3. Rear view mirror, now you can watch your six by using the F6 key. 4. Accurate Korean War textures. Credits: Ed Wilson- model, cockpit, weapons pack, and xdp modifications J-P Demmerle- original textures Gregory Pierson- flight model & xdp file Sterling Dedic- adapted textures to CFS3 model Marv Howell- GZR "Sactargets"- research. 2.7MB
CFS3 Hungarian Livery for The Dogpatch Crew's Mig-15bis (above) Textures for the excellent Dogpatch Crew's CFS3 Mig-15bis model. by László Becz. 660K

CFS2 Mikoyan/Gurevich MiG-15bis Russian VVS 13 The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 was originally developed in the Soviet Union as an interceptor. The RD-45 turbojet powered it, which was a copy of the Rolls Royce Nene. Designed to shoot down heavy bombers, it carried one 37mm and two 23mm cannons. German experience in WWII had shown the need for cannons larger than 20 mm to bring down four-engine heavy bombers. The prototype MiG-15 first flew in December 1947. It began appearing in service in 1949 and by 1952 it had been provided to a number of Communist satellite nations. This aircraft is intended for use with the standard CFS3 Europe installation and the NEK ~Redux Edition is required, it is not recommended for the Korean Theater Construction Set. The Dogpatch Crew: Bringing the Korean War in the CFS world. Sterling Dedic. 2.6MB

CFS3 Lockheed F-80C-10 Shooting Star "LI'L DOTTIE" This is a stand alone aircraft for CFS3. This will not replace any stock CFS3 files. By: Greg Logan. 5.1MB
CFS3 Lockheed F-80C-10 Shooting Star"Saggin' Dragon". This is a stand alone aircraft for CFS3. This will not replace any stock CFS3 files. By Greg Logan. 3.3MB

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