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Helicopter Flying Made Easy "er" . . If you've ever tried flying the Bell 206 in FS98 or 2000 . . and you are NOT a chopper qualified pilot yet then you probably gave up in disgust and believed all those comment from the sim forums that the Microsoft flight dynamics are not very realistic. You are missing a real treat. Real chopper pilot Dave Cook shows us how in this downloadable word document. 192K
CFS2/FS2000 RAF CH1 Chinook A twin-turbine, tandem-rotor, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Model includes an opening loading ramp, moving parts night textures and more. Panel by Michael Vader. Model and sound by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim. 3.2MB

FS2K Bell 206 replacement textures in Simviation colors & Stevie Wonder at the controls. File size 64k


FS2000 Late model Bell 47G Includes panel and sound files. Uses fs2k default gauges. Sound files are mix/modified various downloads Org. artists are unknown. Everything else is original Designed by Monte L. Caudill. File size 1167384


FS2000 Bell 206B Ski Chopper (Fictional) Replacement textures for the default Bell 206 with custom paint in fictional Ski helicopter livery. By Humperdink Gilbert. 80K


FS2000 Robinson R22 Beta II Helicopter with Animated Rotors, Panel with Gauges This is a new Model, totaly different from version 2.20 Superb Flying Characteristics Update Version 3.01 December 1999 By Firstsim98 File size 391K
FS2000 Bell 206B in dark green corporate livery. Replacement textures for the default Bell 206 with custom dark green corporate livery. By Humperdink Gilbert. File size 61K
FS2000 Bell 206B Alternative corporate colors. Replacement textures for the default Bell 206 with custom paint red/yellow corporate livery. By Humperdink Gilbert.. File size 49K

FS2000 Bell H-13H M*A*S*H Includes animated rotors panel and sound files. Uses fs2k default gauges. Designed by Monte L. Caudill. 1.2MB

FS98/FS2000 Scenery--Uk Oilrigs 187 oilrigs around the UK with NDB's , from the North Atlantic Rim to the Morecambe Field. By Gabor Kmetyko.

FS98/FS2000 Bell 412SP - Bill's Australian Rescue Series Aircraft design by Deane Baunton 1999 Flight Dynamics & Panel by Tim Harris Repaint by Bill (Blue-Goose) Robinson (Canberra, ACT, Australia) . Animated rotors and mods by P. Jorg 25/7/1999 So far in the series: ACT SouthCare (1) This repaint of the SouthCare helicopter replaces my previous version of the same helicopter. New South Wales NRMA CareFlight (2) Queensland RACQ CareFlight. 169K

FS2000 Bell 206B In Factory Bear Metal. Detailed bare metal replacement textures for the default Bell 206. . By Humperdink Gilbert. 110K