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FS2000 Only - Kaman HH-43B Huskie. The Kaman HH-43B Huskie was used as a rescue and firefighting aircraft. It carried a foam fire suppressant in a pod beneath it when it was airborne. It would use the combination of the foam and the downwash from the rotor blades in order to put out fires or burning aircraft. It would also hover over trapped personnel, using the downwash from its rotors to keep the flames away from them. By David Eckert. 588K


FS2000 Panel Bell 206B Replacement Instrument panel. Original panel by Ian Standfast, converted to FS2000 by David Giles. Conversion to FS2000 uses stock FS2000 gauges and adds FS2000 GPS. All features of the stock FS2000 Bell 206B panel are featured on this high visibility replacement. 59K


FS2000 Sikorsky R-4B "Hoverfly". The R-4 was the world's first production helicopter. It was also the first to be used in saving a civilian life and to operate from ship's decks. Model features moving rotors and working navigation lights. By David Eckert. 377K


FS2000/FS98. SA-365N Dauphin with an fictional paint :"Air Tahiti Nui Express". This chopper was made for the virtual heli-pilots who fly between polynesian islands.Repaint By : L.B. Martin E-mail: Model & Sounds by Ian Standfast. 1.3MB. Sound files included

FS98/FS2000 Bell 412SP - Rescue version used for the Canary Islands in search and rescue missions, EMS, EVAC... The rescue group is called: "Grupo de Intervención Canario" Aircraft design by Deane Baunton 1999 Flight Dynamics by Tim Harris Animated rotors and mods by P. Jorg 7/25/99 Panel and Repaint by L.B. Martin. Sound files included. 1.5MB


FS98/FS2000 Bell Model 206L of KOCO-TV SKY 5 LongRanger by Ian Standfast, Repaint by Gaylen Cates. 162K
Ficticial Papeete Heli-School for FS2000. This is one ficticial Helicopter school in Papeete (Tahiti, French Polinesia). You will practice with your favourite helicopter: take off, simple and professional situation landing... By L.B. Martin. 402K

UH-60 BlackHawk Panel for FS98/FS2000 By L.B.Martin 2K This panel is based on an UH-60's cabin from LONGBOW 2 game. Use them with the great Capitain Slug's UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. * All necessary gauges are included (Repainted with Make Pink 1.1). 551K


FS2000 aircraft and panel: Bell 412EP The Bell 412 series of Helicopters are used extensively by Emergency Rescue and police services. This model is painted in the colors of San Antonio Life Flight which is sponsored by Baptist hosptial system and the University of Texas health system. Original aircraft by Deane Baunton, repaint by Mike Field, flight dynamics update and panel by Vanessa Leightower. 2.7MB

BRITISH ARMY WESTLAND BROADSWORD. This is the US Army's Apache Longbow dressed up for its new role in the British Army. Transparent rotors. Includes Sound. Note; No moving parts. For FS98 FS2000 and CFS By Brett Sumpter & Nigel Booth. Repaint By Robert A Fett. 501K



FS2000/FS98 MD 500E. High quality repaint of a great Ian Standfast original. Information not supplied. Panel included. 279K