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FS2000 BELL OH-58D KIOWA PROTOTYPE Only five first OH-58D prototype to have this livery. Modification of the default FS2000 B206. Complete aircraft..COMPLETE AIRCRAFT. Ready to fly for FS2KĘ!By Jean-jacques Parel. 246K
FS2000 Scenery - New York City-N.Y.,USA - NEW YORK HELI PADS- Adds 9 landable buildings,landable ships like carrier,cruisers,cargos and tankers,a lot of smaller boats,a full deck hardened oilrig and 6 landable bridges,every addons with night lightning...a lot of challenge around New York City for helicopters or acrobatic and light planes by Jas Tim. 491K



Panels for Aerospatiale AS365N Dauphin, AS350 Ecureuil, AS355 Twin Squirrel, AS355 Twin Squirrel EFIS. Designed by Ian Standfast November 2000 revisions Designed using Customer Panel Designer by Abacus. 420K

FS2000 Panel - Bell 212 from Deane Bauton original reconfiguring by me, for Fs2000 Good fly. unzip them to the Aircrafts panel directory and replace it. Gaetan. 1.8MB


Bell/Agusta 609 Canadian Helicopter Company. The Bell/Agusta 609 is a 6 to 9 passenger transport aircraft that combines the speed and range of a turboprop airplane with the vertical takeoff and landing capability of a helicopter. Designed by Captain Slug: August 2000 Repainted by Gaylen Cates. 551K


Boeing CH 47 Chinook FS2000/CFS2 Model.The Boeing CH-47D Chinook is a twin-turbine, tandem-rotor, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Boeing in Philadelphia manufactures the CH-47D for military customers around the world. More than 600 are currently in service internationally. Includes transparent windows, panel & sounds.Model and sound by: Shlomo 'SloMo' Hakim Panel by: Michael 'Le Gros' Vader (Pegasus Aviation). 3.3MB


FS 2000 only. Eurocopter EC 120. San Bernardino Sheriff's Office. Designed by Brian Whitelegg using FSDS. Sounds by Manuel Gonzalez. Crew figures from David Eckert originals. Updated version with transparent cockpit and cabin detail. 3.1MB



Agusta 109 K2 REGA Made with FSDS and Aircraft Animator from Abacus. REGA is the Swiss Rescue Organisation. For more information visit their site at www.rega.ch Cockpit made by Uwe Hochmuth, Aircraft & Cockpit views by Daniel Mrawek with kind cooperation of REGA. 575K


FS2000 Bell214ST-German Choppers Designer:(c) Emanuel Dietz Paint: Emanuel Dietz & Jens Langhals Original Flight Dynamics by: Dwight Booth. 1.4MB


FS2000 & CFS 2 Bell 206b austrian air force 3c-ji v1.1 aircraft to the aaf, the austrian air force. included custom panel and armament, guns, rockets, missiles sidewinder & missiles helfire. new real colors and detail more careful. to read the read-me for weapons installation. complete aircraft. included mission. by jean-jacques parel. 796K