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Civil Jets Page 10

FS2000 Boeing 737-400 in Lufthansa colors. Repainted texture files for the default Boeing 737. Sander Horstink. 84K

FS2000 MALEV Boeing 767-400 ER (ProMax2001), with panel.Same features as the ProMax2000 (maximum moving parts) Plus a new 3D engine with rotating fan blades and vapor trails. Design : Camil Valiquette Repaint: Gabor Fischer. 694K

FS2000 Comair CRJ. Comair is the largest fleet operator of the CRJ Series. Five thousand flights per week to eighty destinations, Eighty five percent of Comair's capacity is provided by the CRJ fleet. This plane is painted from Bill Alderson's CRJ for FS2K. It has maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures, AF99 circle, 12 sided fuselage and engines, transparent cockpit windows. Photo realistic passenger's windows, logos, markings, and 3D wheels. Turbofan engines with metal rotating blades. By Chris Alevritis. 129K
FS2000 Boeing 747-200 MEA, registration OO-SGA. By Bill Alderson, Rafael Hidd and Vital Vanbeginne. by Rafael Hidd. 178K

FS2000 Boeing 737-229 Sabena Features moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, spoilers and landing gears), maximum textures, and 12 sided fuselage and engines. Aircraft by Jorge Oppenheimer. Textures by Vital Vanbeginne. 200K

FS2000 Korean Airlines Boeing 777-300, regestration HL7532 Textures are more detail than FS98's 2 times and optimized for FS2000. Used real 'SKY' color of KAL based on several photographs. Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting. painted by Lee Insup from Camil Valiquette original. 127K

FS2000 Dragonair Airbus A330-300 (ProMax2001) Maximum moving parts, 3D engines with rotating fan blades. More night lighting effects, including tail logo. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 94K

FS2000 Aer Lingus A330-301 . A gift to all Fltsim enthusiasts from the PC Pilots Club of Ireland. An Aer Lingus Airbus A330-301. Features transparent windows, rotating engines, moving sequenced gear and spoilers. Uses 16 million colours available to enhance livery . Very stable flight model. Aircraft Designed by Paul Hannity. 195K

IAI Astra SPX FOR FS2000 ONLY, including panel. Doritos Logo PEPSI CO. 1999. Originally Designed: Peter Brun Paint By: Diana Castell. Panel by Igal Kaplan. 456K

FS2000 United Airlines DC-10-30. Features maximum moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, rudders, flaps, rotating engine fans, and landing gears and doors), and 12 sided fuselage and engines. From The Gold2000 Collection. Flight and visual models by Gary Carlson and Bill Alderson. United Airlines livery by The Freeware Works. 100K
FS2000 USAF Air Mobility Command (AMC) Boeing 737-400 by Curt Williams. Replacement textures only. 50K

FS2000 B727-200 DHL Worldwide Express Very realistic airplane. Features: Full sequence of Slats and Krueger flaps, Steerable nose gear, rudder, ailerons, elevator, landing gear, opening and closing of undercarriage, transparent cockpit, 12 sided fuselage, landing lights, navigation lights and anti collision lights. Aircraft was made by E. Diaz Paintwork is done by Vital Vanbeginne. 190K.